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Moxie: International Women's Day 2022



Moxie: International Women's Day 2022
As a radio DJ who started out covering for Sinden’s Kiss FM show in 2010, Moxie has gone on to hold down The Residency and INDJ’s We Trust slots on BBC Radio 1 and continues to have one of the longest standing residencies on NTS. Her weekly show is a staple for the latest in underground house, techno and beyond, peppered with her engaging and charismatic radio chat - hosting guests from some of dance music’s leading artistic forces including Jeff Mills, Midland, Four Tet, Honey Dijon and more. This lead to her being featured in Time Out’s article of London’s 10 best radio shows, and a main focus in Mixmag’s piece about the Rise of The Selector. She’s also provided online mixes for some of the best series around – with Essential Mix, Resident Advisor, Truants, FACT, Solid Steel, and Triple J to name but a few.

Alongside her illustrious radio and DJ career, Moxie has established herself as a promoter and label founder with On Loop. Started in 2016, the party has rapidly gained momentum, welcoming artists such as Matthew Herbert, Josey Rebelle, Leon Vynehall, K-Hand and Joy Orbison, in venues across Europe and the UK. The accompanying label has just released it’s fifth compilation, having previously released music from Shanti Celeste, Lone, Nabihah Iqbal, Lady Blacktronika, and Violet. On Loop was championed as one of Mixmag’s Top 20 labels of 2017, and nominated for ‘Best Compilation’ at the DJ Mag awards.

With a touring schedule ever growing at a rapid pace, Moxie continues to take her unique culmination of expertise to clubs and spaces around the globe – seamlessly fusing anything from classic Chicago house to obscure leftfield breaks, or glittering disco with energetic percussive rollers, entertaining and educating club goers wherever the journey takes her.
Cat: ONLOOP 012. Rel: 01 Nov 21
Selling Of All, The Brain! (6:00)
Don't Let The Bugs Bite! (5:44)
This Is A Dream, Grandma! (5:07)
out of stock $12.42
Cat: FXHE OD. Rel: 21 Mar 22
Deep House
54321 (vocal mix) (8:44)
54321 (instrumental mix) (6:06)
out of stock $18.10
Cat: ZEN 272. Rel: 03 May 21
Deep House
Ecce! Ego! (3:35)
In Pin (0:57)
Mothra (5:35)
Alichea Vella Amor (3:44)
Snakeskin Has-Been (4:29)
Worm (& Closer & Closer) (2:16)
An Exhale (4:27)
Dumbo (5:09)
Farewell! Magnus Gabbro (4:33)
All I See Is You, Velvet Brown (2:38)
out of stock $18.10
Cat: OA 009. Rel: 20 Dec 21
Viva La Differenze! + Razzillian Ruzzodox (6:18)
The Art Of Peace (edit) (6:10)
ZONE (4:30)
Zoat Zingo (5:03)
Theme From The Surreal Estate (6:33)
Untitled (6:21)
Homeworld (edit) (7:16)
Moonlight (5:56)
Bladerunner02 (3:07)
Alt QuadPhunk (5:59)
Marja-Liisa (7:15)
 in stock $19.18
Cat: PEX 001. Rel: 15 Nov 21
Differential Equations (6:37)
Now It Is Personal (5:43)
Melancholic Raver (6:07)
Melancholic Raver (Aki Aki remix) (5:44)
out of stock $14.04
Cat: RHRSS 31. Rel: 27 Dec 21
Deep House
Give It Up (Piano mix) (8:15)
Bassin' (6:18)
 in stock $15.12
Cat: S2I 01. Rel: 07 Jan 22
Keys For Raldo
The Journey (3am extended mix)
out of stock $12.16
Cat: PEACH 011. Rel: 27 Dec 21
Minimal/Tech House
Buttercup (5:58)
Clovers Groove (4:40)
Galaxy Girl (5:51)
Mimosa (6:10)
out of stock $12.42
Needs 006
Cat: NNFP 006. Rel: 03 Jun 19
Deep House
Eris Drew - "See You In Snow" (6:15)
Edward - "Mind Loop" (6:16)
D.Tiffany - "Sun Trip" (7:54)
Henry Hyde - "Every Day's A Good Day For A Swim" (6:18)
coming soon $9.18
Cat: TRST 001. Rel: 23 Aug 21
Minimal/Tech House
Trust (5:45)
Track 2 (6:01)
Drop The Bass (6:08)
La Burbuja (6:35)
out of stock $12.42
Juno Records
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