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North Base

North Base


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    Artist Title Label Date
1 DIGITAL SOUNDBOY SYSTEM/VARIOUS - Fabriclive 63: Digital Sound System DIGITAL SOUNDBOY SYSTEM/VARIOUS Add item to your chart Add to Wishlist Fabriclive 63: Digital Sound System (mixed CD) Fabric 17 May 12 $11.08
Cat: FABRIC 126
Genre: UK Garage
Funkier Than A Mosquito's Tweeter by Nina Simone on Fabric  Nina Simone - "Funkier Than A Mosquito's Tweeter"
Gumbai by Bloodfire on Fabric  Bloodfire - "Gumbai"
Heavy Water Riddim by Zed Bias on Fabric  Zed Bias - "Heavy Water Riddim"
Body Language by MANDY vs Booka Shade on Fabric  MANDY vs Booka Shade - "Body Language"
Lezgo by Justin Martin & Ardalan on Fabric  Justin Martin & Ardalan - "Lezgo"
The Oracle by Roska on Fabric  Roska - "The Oracle"
Face Up by Seiji on Fabric  Seiji - "Face Up"
Red by Artwork on Fabric  Artwork - "Red"
Do Without You by Baxta on Fabric  Baxta - "Do Without You"
Hex by Pangaea on Fabric  Pangaea - "Hex"
Grinding by Tickles on Fabric  Tickles - "Grinding"
Formula 2 by Youngstar on Fabric  Youngstar - "Formula 2"
Silo Pass by Bok Bok on Fabric  Bok Bok - "Silo Pass"
Higher by Nightdrugs on Fabric  Nightdrugs - "Higher" (feat Moona - Skanky remix)
Wobble That Gut by Skream on Fabric  Skream - "Wobble That Gut"
Telepathy by Breakage on Fabric  Breakage - "Telepathy"
Total Recall by The Others on Fabric  The Others - "Total Recall" (feat Rod Azlan)
Fright Night by North Base on Fabric  North Base - "Fright Night"
Warp by Dismantle on Fabric  Dismantle - "Warp"
Higher by Breakage on Fabric  Breakage - "Higher"
Ain't Nobody by Clare Maguire on Fabric  Clare Maguire - "Ain't Nobody" (Breakage Suck It Up mix)
480 BC by Roska on Fabric  Roska - "480 BC"
Filth by Skream on Fabric  Skream - "Filth"
Displaced by Dismantle on Fabric  Dismantle - "Displaced"
Source 16 by Redlight on Fabric  Redlight - "Source 16"
More Funk by Dismantle on Fabric  Dismantle - "More Funk"
Baby Girl by Baxta on Fabric  Baxta - "Baby Girl"
Neon by Dark Sky on Fabric  Dark Sky - "Neon"
Firing Line by Die & Mensah on Fabric  Die & Mensah - "Firing Line"
Hangover (Bababa) by Buraka Som on Fabric  Buraka Som - "Hangover (Bababa)"
Daim by Skream on Fabric  Skream - "Daim"
Hard by Breakage on Fabric  Breakage - "Hard" (feat Newham Genreals & David Rodigan)
Together by Breakage on Fabric  Breakage - "Together" (feat David Rodigan)
Peace & Dub by Die & Break on Fabric  Die & Break - "Peace & Dub" (feat MC Fats & Bugsy)
Raver by Shy FX on Fabric  Shy FX - "Raver" (feat Kano, Donae'o & Roses Gabor - Shy Guiness Punch mix)
Pass The Dutchie by Musical Youth on Fabric  Musical Youth - "Pass The Dutchie"
Pass The Kouchie by Mighty Diamonds, Mr Williamz & Yellowman on Fabric  Mighty Diamonds, Mr Williamz & Yellowman - "Pass The Kouchie"
Grand Funk Hustle by Die & Break on Fabric  Die & Break - "Grand Funk Hustle"
Turn Down The Lights by Benny Page on Fabric  Benny Page - "Turn Down The Lights"
One DJ by A Sides on Fabric  A Sides - "One DJ"
Little Things by Dbridge on Fabric  Dbridge - "Little Things"
Run Em Out by Breakage on Fabric  Breakage - "Run Em Out" (feat Roots Manuva)
Tear Down VIP by Die & Break on Fabric  Die & Break - "Tear Down VIP"
Fighting Fire by Breakage on Fabric  Breakage - "Fighting Fire" (feat Jess Mills - Dbidge remix)
Marka by Dub Phizix & Skeptical on Fabric  Dub Phizix & Skeptical - "Marka" (feat Strategy)
Jus' A Rascal by Dizzee Rascal on Fabric  Dizzee Rascal - "Jus' A Rascal" (Soundboy special)
Hold You by Gyptian on Fabric  Gyptian - "Hold You" (Shy FX & Benny Page Digital Soundboy remix)
Headlock by Rene Lavice on Fabric  Rene Lavice - "Headlock"
Original Nuttah by Shy FX & UK Apachi on Fabric  Shy FX & UK Apachi - "Original Nuttah"

2 VARIOUS - UKF Bass Culture 2 VARIOUS Add item to your chart Add to Wishlist UKF Bass Culture 2 (mixed 2xCD) AEI Media 03 Sep 12 $10.76
Cat: UKF 007CD
Genre: Dirty Dubstep/Trap/Grime
Must Be The Feeling by Nero on AEI Media  Nero - "Must Be The Feeling" (Delta Heavy remix)
One Click Headshot by Feed Me on AEI Media  Feed Me - "One Click Headshot"
Daydreamer by Flux Pavillion on AEI Media  Flux Pavillion - "Daydreamer" (feat Example - Dillon Francis remix)
Fire Inside by Gemini on AEI Media  Gemini - "Fire Inside" (feat Greta Svabo Bech)
Elements by Adam F on AEI Media  Adam F - "Elements" (club edit)
Lightspeed by Datsik & Kill The Noise on AEI Media  Datsik & Kill The Noise - "Lightspeed" (original mix)
Centipede by Knife Party on AEI Media  Knife Party - "Centipede"
Equinox by Millions Like Us on AEI Media  Millions Like Us - "Equinox"
Drunk by Ed Sheeran on AEI Media  Ed Sheeran - "Drunk" (Doctor P remix)
Moving Together by Document One on AEI Media  Document One - "Moving Together" (feat Tigerlight & Maksim MC)
Get By by Delta Heavy on AEI Media  Delta Heavy - "Get By"
Split The Atom by Noisia on AEI Media  Noisia - "Split The Atom" (Kito remix)
Breathe by Delilah on AEI Media  Delilah - "Breathe" (Emalkay remix)
Flying To Mars by Foreign Beggars on AEI Media  Foreign Beggars - "Flying To Mars" (feat Donae'o)
Always by Dubba Jony on AEI Media  Dubba Jony - "Always"
Girly by Killsonik on AEI Media  Killsonik - "Girly"
Through The Night by Drumsound & Bassline on AEI Media  Drumsound & Bassline - "Through The Night" (feat Tom Cane - Bare Noze remix)
Out Blue by Sub Focus on AEI Media  Sub Focus - "Out Blue" (feat Alice Gold - Xilent remix)
Like A Boss by Eptic on AEI Media  Eptic - "Like A Boss"
Led Astray by Friction on AEI Media  Friction - "Led Astray" (Culprate remix)
Feel The Love by Rudimental on AEI Media  Rudimental - "Feel The Love" (feat John Newman - Fred V & Grafix remimx)
Digital World by Dimension on AEI Media  Dimension - "Digital World"
Firez by DC Breaks on AEI Media  DC Breaks - "Firez"
Amazing by L Plus on AEI Media  L Plus - "Amazing"
Come Alive by Netsky on AEI Media  Netsky - "Come Alive" (Culture Shock remix)
Second Skin by Loadstar on AEI Media  Loadstar - "Second Skin"
I Remember by Culture Shock on AEI Media  Culture Shock - "I Remember"
Capture Me by Rollz on AEI Media  Rollz - "Capture Me"
Mirador by Cyantific on AEI Media  Cyantific - "Mirador"
Stay by Techinicolor & Komatic on AEI Media  Techinicolor & Komatic - "Stay" (feat Jayma)
Lost by Hybrid Minds on AEI Media  Hybrid Minds - "Lost"
Oblique by Sabre, Stray & Halogenix on AEI Media  Sabre, Stray & Halogenix - "Oblique" (feat Frank Carter III)
Last Night by DJ Marky & SPY on AEI Media  DJ Marky & SPY - "Last Night"
Keep The Faith by Bcee on AEI Media  Bcee - "Keep The Faith" (feat Robert Owens)
Just A Thought by Fred V & Grafix on AEI Media  Fred V & Grafix - "Just A Thought" (feat Reija Lee)
Further Away by Camo & Krooked on AEI Media  Camo & Krooked - "Further Away"
Do It by Xilent on AEI Media  Xilent - "Do It"
Get With It by Tantrum Desire on AEI Media  Tantrum Desire - "Get With It"
Pressure by Dukebox on AEI Media  Dukebox - "Pressure" (feat KT Forrester - AMC Mattix & Futile remix)
Nothing Matters by Mark Knight on AEI Media  Mark Knight - "Nothing Matters" (feat Skin - Noisia remix)

3 DISMANTLE - Destroy DISMANTLE Add item to your chart Add to Wishlist Destroy (12") Wheel & Deal UK 29 May 12 $8.64
Genre: UK Garage
Destroy by DISMANTLE on Wheel & Deal UK  Destroy
Destroy by DISMANTLE on Wheel & Deal UK  Computation VIP

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