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Glory (12")
Cat: DFTD 643. Rel: 07 Jul 23
Deep House
Glory (5:58)
Glory (Kelly G Dancing dub club mix) (7:55)
Glory (Floorplan remix) (7:21)
Review: When it comes to gospel-powered 21st century dance music, Detroit trio Dames Brown have been involved in many of the most memorable records - not least Sophie Lloyd anthem 'Calling Out' and Horse Meat Disco hook-up 'Message To The People'. Here they join forces with fellow Motor City musician Waajeed for another arms-aloft classic in the making. In its original form, 'Glory' blurs the boundaries between gospel disco and gospel house, with the trio's powerful vocals rising rubbery bass guitar, loose-limbed beats and riotous organ licks aplenty. It comes accompanied by two fine remixes: a stomping, piano riff-powered gospel house take from Rob and Lyric Hood's Floorplan project, and a stomping, thickset gospel disco 'dancing club dub' courtesy of Kelly G.
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 in stock $15.87
Work That EP
Cat: FE 007. Rel: 05 Jul 24
Deep House
Work That
Did You Do A Gig Last Night
Work That (Winston Dream remix)
Review: Two of Detroit's finest contemporary talents come together here for House of Hits, a brand-new collaboration that cannot fail to get house heads excited. Both Wajeed and Ladymonix have fresh signature sounds and they collide both into something more party-starting than you might expect from each in solo mode. 'Work That' is bumping house with masterfully smeared synth work and edgy rap vocals all getting things going. 'Did You Do A Gig Last Night' is a deep but slamming house sound with traditional chord vamps bringing the heat and 'Extravaganza' then takes it down again into heady, cavernous dub house territory with intimate vocal whispers adding soul. 'Work That' (Winston Dream remix) is a thrilling broken beat version with sun-drenched pads and cosmic leads.
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est. release 05 Jul 24 $15.35
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Patty Hearst Beat Tape
Patty Hearst Beat Tape (limited red vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: DTR PHBT. Rel: 18 Apr 24
Hip Hop/R&B
Welcome To The Patty Hearst Beat Tape (0:42)
Sin Que (1:13)
The Grunt (0:15)
Poking Fun (0:14)
Combat Unit (0:40)
One, Two (0:37)
The Morning After (0:45)
Mr Xy (1:07)
The Walt (0:24)
Funky Jazz (0:33)
Stop (1:50)
Hoeee! (1:24)
Join The SLA (0:49)
War! (0:53)
Track 15 (1:15)
Amped Up! (0:29)
Exit Patty, Enter Tonya (0:37)
Casio (0:54)
You Know Me (0:43)
Make My Funk (1:19)
The Fire Dance (1:34)
Where's Tonya (1:16)
My Comrades (0:47)
Get On The Floor (0:45)
The Race (0:25)
Capturing The Ghost (0:47)
Urban Guerrilla (0:41)
Walk On By (1:24)
Talk Show Ho (0:55)
Perfect! (1:02)
Review: Waajeed is a top tier talent - a producer, DJ, expert beat maker and label head at Dirt Tech Rack who moved away from his deep house sounds to cook up this masterful hip hop record back in 2006. It now arrives on vinyl almost 20 years later but time has not diminished its quality. It finds the Detroit native, who thrives on breaking conventional boundaries, telling the story of the kidnapping of Patricia Hearst as an emblematic American tale that he pairs with a raw beat framework that taps into the vibes of artists like J Dilla and Slum Village. It is a serious work from a serious artist.
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 in stock $50.28
Memoirs Of Hi-tech Jazz (Remixes)
Cat: TRESOR 366. Rel: 10 Nov 23
Right Now (Mark Broom remix) (5:12)
The Ballad Of Robert O'bryant (Yazzus remix) (5:24)
Memoirs Of Hi-tech Jazz (feat Black Nix - Jensen Interceptor X Assembler Code remix) (5:41)
Review: Waajeed's Memoirs Of Hi-Tech Jazz came out on Tresor in late 2022 as a definitive statement from a true Detroit original. Following the Motor City Madness remixes 12" which accompanied the album drop, here comes a follow up single shining fresh light on the project via a whole new set of remixes. There's no need to introduce a legend like Mark Broom - a stalwart of UK techno who brings his decades of experience to 'Right Now' as he remains in an enduring purple patch. Staying in the UK but coming from a whole different angle, Yazzus brings her upfront flair to one of the most compelling, emotionally charged pieces on the album, 'The Ballad Of Richard O'Bryant'. Then it's left to Jensen Interceptor and Assembler Code to link up for a remix of 'Memoirs Of Hi-Tech Jazz', complete with some of Black Nix's original poetic flow over the top.
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 in stock $15.87
Motor City Madness
Cat: TRESOR 334. Rel: 21 Nov 22
Deep House
Motor City Madness (6:15)
Motor City Madness (People Mover remix) (4:08)
Motor City Madness (Underground Resistance remix) (6:30)
Motor City Madness (SHE Spells Doom remix) (4:16)
Review: Wajeed maybe doesn't get the credit or attention of many of his Detroit peers, but he surely deserves it. His take on his hometown's house sound pairs gorgeous synths with steely drum work and new one 'Motor City Madness' backs that up. It's got the nice raw drums, the elastic bass and is smothered with synth goodness while incidental sax and trumpet pads bring the romance. A People Mover remix goes heavy on the jazz vibes with a broken beat workout, Underground Resistance take it deep and SHE Spells Doom jacks up those drums into something close to a UK funky take on Detroit house.
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Played by: Per Bojsen-Moller
 in stock $16.93
Memoirs Of Hi Tech Jazz
Memoirs Of Hi Tech Jazz (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: TRESOR 336LP. Rel: 21 Nov 22
Deep House
Memoirs Of Hi-Tech Jazz (feat Black Nix) (1:00)
Motor City Madness (6:15)
Snake Eyes (5:36)
Let's Give It Up (feat Archpriest Rev Wanika K Stephens & De'Sean Jones) (5:29)
The Dub (6:20)
The Ballad Of Robert O'Bryant (4:25)
Keep It Coming (5:16)
Rouge (2:36)
Right Now (6:14)
Remember (5:58)
Review: Motor City earned its name thanks to the increased mobility bestowed unto black Americans thanks to the invention of the car, and the centrality of the car industry on Detroit. On his latest LP, house maestro Waajeed pays homage to the joys of black leisure and play in the city, which came about in large part thanks to technological advancements such as this. In his own words, 'Memoirs Of Hi Tech Jazz' signifies the 'transition from labor to pleasure', a transition we can all but dream of in today's age. Laid-back, frivolous, decadent house tones blend effortlessly with super-swirly jazz motifs.
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 in stock $35.47
Push Em' In the Face EP
Cat: DTR 023. Rel: 08 Nov 23
Deep House
The Night Is Coming (4:53)
Keep On Prayin (5:45)
Push Em' In The Face (6:02)
Push Em' In The Face (instrumental) (6:03)
Review: Wajeed's tasteful Dirt Tech Rack welcomes Church Boy Lou for some more of that authentic house flavour. 'The Night Is Coming' opens up with funky drum loops and twisted metallic synth lines that swerve in and out of the grooves. 'Keep On Prayin' has a more urgent feel with busier percussive lines and some subtle vocals adding the soul in a gospel fashion then 'Push Em In The Face' is another gospel tinged house looper a la Floorplan which really makes a mark and also comes as an instrumental.
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 in stock $17.73
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