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Defend Your Planet
Cat: AVD 008. Rel: 15 Jan 21
The Advent & Zein Ferreira - "Defend Your Planet" (4:41)
Assembler Code - "Line Of Sight" (5:19)
Carl Finlow - "Syncopated Automated" (6:57)
Versalife - "SH09" (6:02)
Review: This is a special sampler 12" taken from the Various Artists compilation Defend Your Planet that Avoidant Records put out. It features a heavyweight crew of electro mainstays, first of which are The Advent & Zein Ferreira. Their 'Defend Your Plane' is a turbo powered cosmic assault with skewed synths and high speed drums. Assembler Code's 'Line Of Sight' doesn't let up, powering on through sheet metal snares and juddering drum programming and then man like Carl Finlow layers in prickly melodies, dark sci-fi energy and booming bass. Analogue master Versalife shits things down with the shadowy 'SH09.'
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! low stock $13.72
Cat: TRUST 046. Rel: 27 May 24
Syndicate War
Axon Terminal
coming soon $13.98
V (12")
Cat: LDI 011. Rel: 08 Feb 24
Copepods (5:48)
Ultraviolet (6:20)
Counter-illumination (5:36)
Vortex Storm (6:51)
Review: Versalife is a master of the deep and one of many aliases from the Dutchman born Boris Bunnik. From dub to techno to the electro he explores here, his grainy sound is impossibly atmospheric. 'Copepods' opens up with far-sighted and sustained chords that speak of a future metropolis and 'Ultraviolet' then rides a lush broken rhythm and has melodies that glow like fireflies. 'Counter-illumination' gets more turbulent with its edgy lines and rubbery reverberating bassline and 'Vortex Storm' is like a reflective hall of mirrors with tension and eeriness in the air.
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 in stock $15.01
Genetic Cluster
Cat: NS 004. Rel: 07 Sep 23
Overclock (5:26)
Luminous Idle State (5:16)
Ghosting (6:57)
System Shock (6:34)
Review: Boris Bunnik's Versalife alias continues to be a productive outlet for his electro-techno fantasies, as he follows swiftly on from the Chronoception album for 20:20 Vision with this varied 12" for Natural Selection. 'Overclock' layers up the lithe, punchy rhythm section with some outstanding modulated pings and pongs to create a widescreen, high-definition kind of electro. 'Luminous Idle State' takes a deeper dive into ambient pads and warm, strafing baselines, while 'Ghosting' has a more taut, nervy feel to it. 'System Shock' completes the set with a striking lead line which sounds like it's been run through a vocoder to give the sense of the machines finding their own voice.
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 in stock $12.95
Night Time Activities Part 3
Cat: CWCS 06.3. Rel: 07 Mar 12
After The Future
Electroestatic Discharge
Unsolved Mysteries
 in stock $12.95
TRUST XY3 (12" in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: TRUSTXY 3. Rel: 27 Nov 23
Versalife X Stenny - "Nova Prospekt" (4:50)
Alex Cortex X D Tiffany - "We Run Your Life" (6:23)
Microthol X Clatterbox - "Intertronic" (5:12)
DL/MS X VC-118A - "Tides" (5:58)
Review: The TRUST XY series continues to yield outstanding explorations of where electro can and should head from here, guided by some of the best on the business. This project is all about crossing over interesting artists for unique results and so we get to see what happens when the likes of Versalife and Stenny pool their considerable talents. One of the most intriguing link ups is Microthol and Clatterbox, who lay down a full-fat, inventive strain of big room electro, while Alex Cortex and D Tiffany lock into something more streamlined and effective for the DJs out there. DL-MS and VC-118A are the ones to bring the deep side of the spectrum with their gorgeous 'Tides'.
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 in stock $13.98
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