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Toy (gatefold 2xLP + CD)
Cat: HVN 94LP. Rel: 07 Sep 12
Psych/Garage Rock
  1. Colours Running Out
  2. Reasons Why
  3. Dead & Gone
  4. Lose My Way
  5. Drifting Deeper
  6. Motoring
  7. My Heart Skips A Beat
  8. Strange
  9. Make It Mine
  10. Omni
  11. Walk Up To Me
  12. Kopter
  13. Colours Running Out
  14. Reasons Why
  15. Dead & Gone
  16. Lose My Way
  17. Drifting Deeper
  18. Motoring
  19. My Heart Skips A Beat
  20. Strange
  21. Make It Mine
  22. Omni
  23. Walk Up To Me
  24. Kopter
 in stock $19.05
Join The Dots (2xLP + CD)
Cat: HVNLP 102. Rel: 06 Dec 13
  1. Conductor
  2. You Won't Be The Same
  3. As We Turn
  4. Join The Dots
  5. To A Death Unknown
  6. Endlessly
  7. It's Been So Long
  8. Left To Wander
  9. Too Far Gone To Know
  10. Frozen Atmosphere
  11. Fall Out Of Love
  12. Condructor
  13. You Won't Be The Same
  14. As We Turn
  15. Join The Dots
  16. To A Death Unknown
  17. Endlessly
  18. It's Been So Long
  19. Left To Wander
  20. Too Far Gone To Know
  21. Frozen Atmosphere
  22. Fall Out Of Love
 in stock $18.50
The Willo (limited 12")
Cat: TLV 117. Rel: 14 Sep 18
  1. The Willo (7:10)
  2. Energy (4:08)
 in stock $12.14
Clear Shot (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: HVNLP 133. Rel: 28 Oct 16
  1. Clear Shot (5:59)
  2. Another Dimension (4:32)
  3. Fast Silver (6:19)
  4. I'm Still Believing (3:00)
  5. Clouds That Cover The Sun (4:29)
  6. Jungle Games (4:08)
  7. Dream Orchestrator (5:46)
  8. We Will Disperse (4:06)
  9. Spirits Don't Lie (4:46)
  10. Cinema (6:48)
Review: It's all change for this London psych quintet, following the departure of both synth player Alejandra Diez and producer Dan Carey since 2014's 'Join The Dots'. But they've taken these diversions as an impetus to expand their sound beyond the original motorik-tinged approach, embracing a darker and more song-based swagger that bears not only the atmospherics of Joe Meek and Morricone but the sullen post-punk rapture of the Bunnymen and the Chameleons. It's more than merely another chapter in the lineage of these heavy-lidded droogs, rather the moment at which their substance begins to decisively outweigh their (not inconsiderable) style.
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 in stock $17.12
Items 1 to 4 of 4 on page 1 of 1


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