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Toto Chiavetta

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Cat: YSD 87. Rel: 12 Mar 18
Deep House
  1. Nagnu Jubo (Yoruba Soul mix) (8:13)
  2. Nagnu Jubo (Yoruba Soul Intrumental) (8:13)
  3. Minds (unreleased version) (7:04)
  4. Hunters (8:33)
Review: Time for Toto: Yoruba revisit 2016's "Impermanence" with a variety of versions and a brand new original. Osunlade takes on the evergreen "Nangu Jubo" himself with a hazy, sun-warped twist on the shiny soulful house bubbler. Flip for an unreleased acidic take on the lolloping "Mind" by Chiavetta himself while trippy sub-aquatic jacker "Hunters" closes the show. Kusonga.
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Played by: Alan abrahams
 in stock $9.58
Magnus EP (12")
Cat: MULEMUSIQ 225. Rel: 30 May 18
  1. Higher Than A Bird (6:29)
  2. Magnus (6:36)
  3. First Day Without Her (6:54)
Review: When we saw that Toto Chiavetta was stepping up to present the new Mule Musiq release, we were not at all surprised! The Sicilian producer's brand of precisely engineered hi-tech soul is a perfect match. With brilliant releases on top labels such as Innervisions and Osunlade's Yoruba - he's more than capable of delivering the standard of quality that the Japanese label is known for. Indeed the Magnus EP does not at all disappoint: from the melodic, futurist euphoria of A side cut "Higher Than A Bird", to B side offering "First Day Without Her" which is an epic serving of dancefloor drama that sees Chiavetta execute more of the same kind of tension and suspense - it's geared for yet more dive moments of truth under the strobe light.
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Cat: IV 80. Rel: 31 Aug 18
Minimal/Tech House
  1. The Core (5:39)
  2. Transit Europe Express (6:00)
  3. Dzukulu (feat Idd Aziz) (6:59)
  4. Harmony Somewhere (7:37)
Played by: Quarion
 in stock $12.32
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Toto Chiavetta
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