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Toro Y Moi

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Anything In Return (gatefold 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: CAK 77LP. Rel: 18 Jan 13
  1. Harm In Change
  2. Say That
  3. So Many Details
  4. Rose Quartz
  5. Touch
  6. Cola
  7. Studies
  8. High Living
  9. Grown Up Calls
  10. Cake
  11. Day One
  12. Never Matter
  13. How's It Wrong
 in stock $20.12
What For? (CD)
Cat: CAK 102CD. Rel: 10 Apr 15
  1. What You Want
  2. Buffalo
  3. The Flight
  4. Empty Nesters
  5. Ratcliff
  6. Lilly
  7. Spell It Out
  8. Half Dome
  9. Run Baby Run
  10. Yeah Right
Review: Californian producer Toro Y Moi (the best-known alias of beat-maker Chazwick Bundick) has always mixed things up, filling his previous four albums with tracks that touch on skewed synth-pop, glitch-hop, electronica, and lo-fi indie-rock. What For?, his first album in two years, re-sets the formula, largely concentrating on the kind of sweet, hazy, West Coast pop-rock that was so popular in the late 1960s and early '70s. As with other Nilsson-influenced dream-pop artists, there's a sunny, eyes-closed outlook throughout, with his distinctive vocals and layered harmonies providing a focal point around which to place wall-of-sound instrumentation and Pet Sounds-era Beach Boys style production.
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 in stock $6.44
Underneath The Pine (LP + free MP3 download code)
Cat: CAK 059. Rel: 18 Feb 11
  1. Intro/Chi Chi
  2. New Beat
  3. Go With You
  4. Divina
  5. Before I'm Done
  6. Got Blinded
  7. How I know
  8. Light Black
  9. Still Sound
  10. Good Hold
  11. Elise
 in stock $16.42
Live From Trona (limited gatefold pink vinyl 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: CAK 117LP. Rel: 08 Nov 16
  1. Divina (1:52)
  2. What You Want (3:34)
  3. Buffalo (3:16)
  4. Still Sound (4:25)
  5. Ratcliff (2:41)
  6. Half Dome (3:27)
  7. The Flight (4:44)
  8. JBS (feat The Mattson 2) (6:33)
  9. Lilly (4:06)
  10. High Living (4:19)
  11. Grown Up Calls (4:23)
  12. Say That (6:46)
  13. Yeah Right (7:00)
 in stock $15.10
Cat: CAK 131CD. Rel: 23 Jan 19
  1. Fading
  2. Ordinary Pleasure
  3. Laws Of The Universe
  4. Miss Me (feat Abra)
  5. New House
  6. Baby Drive It Down
  7. Freelance
  8. Who Am I
  9. Monte Carlo (feat Wet)
  10. 50-50 (feat Instupendo)
Review: FUNK! DISCO! FORMERLY CHILLWAVE? Super smooth, gliding vibes here from Toro y Moi that's cooler than Jamiroquai/Pharrell Williams with the hat on. Outer Peace presents a forgotten number of LPs the South Carolina-raised artists has released to date, though this presents his sixth in a decade. Without a hint of irony this album is superfresh, perhaps not as out there as SOPHIE's recent Oil of Every Pearl's Un-Insides - but it needn't be. Its temperament is mellow and easy going with a warm funky vibe: think Daft Punk post 2016 and you're almost there. Candescent pop, splashes of Parisian house and disco with a fresh cosmopolitan touch added on top too. Pure Wax.
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 in stock $11.39
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Toro Y Moi
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