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I Feel Alive
Cat: TOP 002CD. Rel: 31 Mar 20
  1. Direct Sunlight
  2. I Feel Alive
  3. Pirouette
  4. Ballads & Sad Movies
  5. Colder & Closer
  6. Witching Hour
  7. Take Down
  8. Drowning In Paradise
  9. OK Fine Whatever
  10. Looking To Remember
  11. Too Much
Review: Say the words 'soft rock' to most people and they won't necessarily conjure images of cool bands making edgy statements with sophisticated sounds. And that's why most people are wrong, or have at least failed to strike up a relationship with Montreal outfit Tops. Since 2012 the troupe have been making music exactly like that, and with 'I Feel Alive' the recipe proves particularly potent. You could identify shades of Fleetwood Mac on more than one occasion here - the disco hues of 'Direct Sunlight' is one example, while 'Colder & Closer' makes light work of throwing some synth pop into the mix further down the line. Ultimately, though, it's as much about sharp lyricism as anything else, with tales of adultery, the relentless drag of casual sex and more making for quite the poignant take on modern life.
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Picture You Staring
Picture You Staring (LP + poster + MP3 download code)
Cat: ABT 040LP. Rel: 10 Sep 14
  1. Way To Be Loved
  2. Blind Faze
  3. Circle The Dark
  4. Outside
  5. All the People Sleep
  6. Sleeptalker
  7. Superstition Future
  8. 2 Shy
  9. Change Of Heart
  10. Easier Said
  11. Driverless Passenger
  12. Destination
Review: Arriving from the Artubus scene in Montreal, Canada, Tops take a cottage-industry sensibility and ally it to a pastel-shaded AM radio aesthetic. As Picture You Staring reveals, the results are an oddly addictive pop confection that's equal parts stylish elan and filmic sweep, allied to a deftness of touch and melodic nous that marks Tops out from other indier-than-thou contemporaries. The band are a self-sufficient unit, engineering and producing their own records as well as making their own videos. This can't help but be clear by both the individuality of their approach and the originality of their sound. With melancholy touches balanced out elegantly against party-hearty spirit, Tops are carving out their own unique furrow in the indie-pop field.
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 in stock $20.18
Items 1 to 2 of 2 on page 1 of 1


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