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Tony Esposito

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Kalimba De Luna: Hear & Now Remix
Kalimba De Luna: Hear & Now Remix (hand-numbered yellow & black marbled vinyl 12" limited to 100 copies)
Cat: AR 021C.
  1. Hear & Now (Land Of Sunshine remix)
  2. Hear & Now (original version)
  3. Hear & Now (Onda Nueva remix)
Review: 500 Limited edition 12's - hand-numbered. The first 100 copies are pressed on Yellow & Black Marbled vinyl (AR 021). This record is dedicated to the 1984 Long Version of the famous hit 'Kalimba De Luna' by
Tony Esposito, enriched by two new remixes by the magical Italian duo Hear & Now.
ON TONY'S TAMBORDER: You are also an instrument maker: you created the Tamborder. How do you create
an instrument? Where did the idea of creating an instrument that creates sound come
TONY: Every gesture always hides a basic culture. I come from the art academy, from
drawing. A person that comes from drawing, from painting, clearly comes from an
impact with color; I turn to music first with a colorist aspect, that is, the music for me
is in color; for me the combination of colors is fundamental. When I go to Africa, I see
that there are colored things... I used to say: I play the drums, everyone's drums, but
what is my drum? So I thought of combining a bit of modern electronics with what is
instead the sound of Africa and the Tamborder was born, which means frontier drum.
An instrument was born over the years, perfected but unique. I made Kalimba's notes
with that instrument, I can make a complete composition with that instrument. I have
been to America to do music therapy and to universities to show this instrument. It
was born like this, by chance, I can't tell you how the path went, it was magically born
from a mistake. I was looking for something, on my own I was trying to mix crazy combinations and this unique sound was born.
Archeo Recordings is a re-issue record label that regenerates old, lost, obscure and forgotten rare gems of mostly Italian music but also all over the world of the 70's, 80's and 90's.
All releases are licensed, audio tracks re-mastered in their original form, and sleeves re-created for today but all based on the original images.
Archeo would like to make the music available to a wider audience of collectors, DJs, music lovers of a forgotten time.
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coming soon TBA
Rosso Napoletano (Mushrooms Project 2018 Rework)
Cat: AR 014. Rel: 18 Dec 18
  1. Rosso Napoletano (Mushrooms Project 2018 rework)
 in stock $11.40
Viaggio Tribale EP
Viaggio Tribale EP (limited hand-numbered 12")
Cat: AR 013. Rel: 23 Apr 18
  1. Tony Esposito - "Dove C'e Luce" (6:04)
  2. Tony Esposito - "Veronica Song" (5:24)
  3. Antonio Nicola Bruno - "Storia Della Terra Mia" (3:30)
  4. Tony Esposito - "Dove C'e Luce" (LucaEffeSunset Balearic Seagulls & Children mix) (9:52)
  5. Antonio Nicola Bruno - "Danza E Ridanza" (1:54)
  6. Antonio Nicola Bruno - "Danza E Ridanza" (B version) (3:59)
Review: Archeo Recordings chart a course for the Balearics with this laid back delight of overlooked Italian island grooves. Tony Esposito is a long-serving singer-songwriter, and two tracks from his 2004 CD Viaggio Tribale get a vinyl cut here. "Dove C'e Luce" gets a special, 90s tinged remix from LucaEffeSunset. Antonio Nicola Bruno's "Storia Della Terra Mia" is the first of three unreleased tracks from this little known Lucan artist, striking a curious note with folk undertones and a sunny disposition. There's a more dramatic tone to "Danza E Ridanza," which takes on an almost Talking Heads-esque quality for the "B Version" that closes this high quality 12" from the ever reliable Archeo camp.
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 in stock $4.56
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Tony Esposito
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