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Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases by The Vision
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Far Away: 6 Songs Of Reggae & Dub Music
Cat: ERC 139. Rel: 30 May 23
Far Away (4:02)
Different Language (3:03)
Whirl (3:51)
Natty Vision (4:40)
Fear (5:09)
No 4 (1:34)
Review: Emotional Rescue looks to the newly rebuilt but still very much culturally separate East and West Germany of the 1980s with this new EP. It's dub reggae through a post-punk and alternative lens by Hanover artists Felix Holter aka Dubvisionist. All these cuts have a very live, improvised feel because father way he worked from rhythms first and jammed endlessly before adding the vocals. They are taken from their 1987 release 10 Tracks Of Reggae & Dub Music which was inspired by the great Adrian Sherwood label On-U Sound label, and you can hear that clearly.

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Played by: Piers Harrison
 in stock $13.80
The Vision
The Vision (limited gatefold 180 gram vinyl 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: TVIS 1LP. Rel: 11 Dec 20
Funky/Club House
Remember (feat Nikki-O & Andreya Triana) (4:03)
Mountains (feat Andreya Triana) (5:23)
Down (feat Dames Brown) (5:04)
Missing (feat Andreya Triana & Ben Westbeech) (4:43)
Time (0:50)
Wasting (feat Ben Westbeech & Roy Ayers) (4:40)
Believe (feat Ben Westbeech) (4:58)
Facade (0:54)
Paradise (feat Ben Westbeech) (5:10)
Nebulous (2:11)
Satisfy (feat Ben Westbeech, Honey Dijon & Andreya Triana) (5:29)
Heaven (feat Andreya Triana) (4:57)
Tenacious (0:48)
Home (feat Andreya Triana) (3:53)
Review: Ben Westbeech and Kon are The Vision, an accomplished musical duo who first came together having made a chance meeting at Southport Weekender. Between them they have covered all dance styles from classic to contemporary and so it's no surprise this album is a special one with fine craftsmanship and exemplary mixes of disco, soul, house and funk over 14 lush tracks. The list of collaborators is also high class with Roy Ayers, Honey Dijon, Andreya Triana, Dames Brown and Nikki-O all adding their own excellence. It all adds up to a record that gets form dance floor delights to funk laden gems, soul drenched jams to heartfelt odes.
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 in stock $14.85
Waveform Transmission Vol 2 (reissue)
Waveform Transmission Vol 2 (reissue) (2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: TRESOR 017. Rel: 24 May 23
K-Force (4:23)
Liquification (2:01)
Weapons (2:40)
Gamma Scale (5:43)
Chrome (3:22)
Projectile Darts (5:06)
Protector (3:31)
Magnetic Storm (5:39)
Review: Tresor dig deep into the vaults for a reissue of one of Robert Hood's many seminal releases. This one comes under his The Vision alias and is an impressive 30 years old in 2023. It came originally in the year he left his Detroit hometown and the safety of the Underground Resistance label and head to New York with Jeff Mills. The music is fast and furious and funky as you would expect, with funky techno drum foundations and mind melting details up top. It set a ridiculously high standard and hasn't aged one single bit. All hail Hood.
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 in stock $27.88
Heaven Volume Two
Cat: DFTD 548X. Rel: 27 Nov 23
Deep House
Hallelujah In Heaven (Groove Assassin's Supernova edit) (8:04)
Heaven (album version) (5:01)
Heaven (Danny Krivit edit) (6:22)
Heaven (Kon's 7" edit) (4:21)
Review: The mighty Defected looks back to a 2019 release by The Vision aka Ben Westbeech and Kan featuring Andreya Triana. 'Heaven' is something of a modern house gem that has picked up worldwide plays from tastemakers like The Blessed Madonna, Groove Armada and Eli Escobar. Next to the sax-laced and loved-up original which cannot fail to bring joy to your life are three mixes. Danny Krivit brings out the jazz and soul, Kon keeps funky and the Groove Assassin Supernova edit is all about shuffling garage energy.
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 in stock $15.91
 in stock $15.91
Mountains (12")
Cat: DFTD 592. Rel: 24 Mar 20
Funky/Club House
Mountains (extended mix) (5:26)
Mountains (Danny Krivit remix) (10:25)
Review: Last time out Andreya Triana and The Vision (AKA KON and Ben Westbeech) took us to "Heaven" and back. For their latest single they've asked us to gape in wonder at some suitably sizeable "Mountains". In its original "Extended Mix" form (side A) the track is soulful, slick and seductive, with Triana's superb vocals rising, mountain-like, above a musical panorama rich in dreamy chords, jazz-funk bass, gospel pianos and club-ready beats that sit somewhere between deep house and disco. Danny Krivit is the man at the controls for the flipside remix. He stretches out the track impressively, making a bit more of the spacey synths, guitars and bass while re-framing the track as a soaring slab of piano house brilliance.
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 in stock $11.42
Missing (12")
Cat: DFTD 552. Rel: 04 Dec 20
Deep House
Missing (The Maurice Fulton mix) (6:54)
Missing (acappella) (4:19)
Missing (extended mix) (6:03)
Missing (Deetron remix) (6:45)
 in stock $11.95
Edits By Mr K
Cat: DFTD 584. Rel: 12 Jul 23
Deep House
The Vision - "Heaven" (feat Andreya Triana - Danny Krivit edit) (6:21)
The Dangerfeel Newbies - "What Am I Here For?" (original NDATL vocal - Danny Krivit edit) (8:45)
Review: Since the 1970s Danny Krivit has been a prolific re-editor. We're used to him cutting up classic cuts - think disco and soul, in particular - but he's never been afraid to turn his talents to contemporary cuts. That's what you get on this surprise Defected release. On the A-side he turns his attention to "Heaven", the killer gospel-inspired modern disco single from The Vision and Andreya Triana, turning in a version with plenty of drops, instrument solos and more emphasis on the righteous, life-affirming vocals. He's in a smoother mode on side B, extended and rearranging the rich and soulful dancefloor treat that is Kai Alce's Original NDATL vocal mix of The Dangerfeel Newbies' "What Am I Here For?" - a gem from 2016 that has previously been criminally overlooked.
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 in stock $15.91
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