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The Three Degrees

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Cat: 4ZH 06924P. Rel: 28 Jun 17
  1. Love Is The Message (12' version) (11:31)
  2. TSOP (The Sound Of Philadelphia) (Special 12' version) (5:49)
Review: MFSB was an American studio band formed by producers of the Philadelphia International Records label. The label was founded in 1971 by Kenneth Gamble and Leon Huff in Philadelphia. This is an official 12 inch re-release of probably the most revered Paradise Garage anthem of all time. Originally released in 1973, "Love Is The Message" has sustained dancefloors across the world ever since and here Prime present the full original mix from the master himself: Tom Moulton, which is very rare, as any seasoned digger could attest to. On the flip is "T.S.O.P. (The Sound Of Philadelphia)" aka the official Soul Train theme, again using Moulton's original mix.
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 in stock $10.08
Cat: MCDLX 229. Rel: 26 Jul 17
  1. When Will I See You Again
  2. Take Good Care Of Yourself
  3. Year Of Decision
  4. Dirty Ol' Man
  5. MFSB - "TSOP (The Sound Of Philadelphia)" (feat The Three Degrees)
  6. MFSB - "Love Is The Message" (feat The Three Degrees)
  7. Get Your Love Back
  8. Long Lost Lover
  9. Free Ride
  10. What I Did For Love
  11. Toast Of Love (single version)
  12. We're All Alone
  13. Standing Up For Love (single version)
  14. I Like Being A Woman
  15. Do It!
  16. La Chanson Populaire
  17. Givin' Up Givin' In
  18. The Runner
  19. Jump The Gun
  20. The Golden Lady
  21. My Simple Heart
  22. Woman In Love
  23. Without You
  24. Falling In Love Again
  25. Hot Summer Night
  26. Starlight
  27. Givin' Up Givin' In (long version)
  28. The Runner (long version)
  29. Jump The Gun (long version)
  30. See Me Free (long version)
  31. My Simple Heart (extended version)
 in stock $5.29
Items 1 to 2 of 2 on page 1 of 1


The Three Degrees
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