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The Cribs

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In The Belly Of The Brazen Bull (180 gram coloured vinyl gatefold 2xLP + 7")
Cat: WEBB 335LPX. Rel: 04 May 12
  1. Glitters Like Gold
  2. Come On, Be A No-One
  3. Jaded Youth
  4. Anna
  5. Confident Men
  6. Uptight
  7. Chi-Town
  8. Pure O
  9. Back To The Bolthole
  10. I Should Have Helped
  11. Stalamites
  12. Like A Gift Giver
  13. Butterflies
  14. Arena Rock Encore With Full Cast
  15. Chi-Town
  16. Better Than Me
 in stock $17.07
Cat: 888750 52922. Rel: 20 Mar 15
  1. Finally Free
  2. Different Angle
  3. Burning For No One
  4. Mr Wrong
  5. An Ivory Hand
  6. Simple Story
  7. City Storms
  8. Pacific Time
  9. Summer Of Chances
  10. Diamond Girl
  11. Spring On Broadway
  12. Pink Snow
Review: It can be hard to believe that The Cribs have been treading the boards for thirteen years now, such is the eternally youthful demeanour, and despite this being their sixth album their songwriting is as vivid and their ire as incandescent as ever. Their first for a major label after splitting with Wichita, 'For All My Sisters' is produced by Cars legend Ric Ocasek, a perfect choice to marshall their sparky selection of incisive powerpop ditties. Yet it'd be impossible to smooth out the rough edges that give this band their unique character, and it's the combination of rough-and-ready delivery and sparky melody that makes this another high spot in The Cribs' storied career.
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 in stock $10.06
Cat: WB 49959. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. Our Bovine Public
  2. Girls Like Mystery
  3. Men's Needs
  4. Moving Pictures
  5. I'm A Realist
  6. Major's Titling Victory
  7. Women's Needs
  8. I've Tried Everything
  9. My Life Flashed Before My Eyes
  10. By Safe
  11. Ancient History
  12. Shoot The Poets
  13. Our Bovine Public
  14. Girls Like Mystery
  15. Men's Needs
  16. Moving Pictures
  17. I'm A Realist
  18. Major's Titling Victory
  19. Women's Needs
  20. I've Tried Everything
  21. My Life Flashed Before My Eyes
  22. By Safe
  23. Ancient History
  24. Shoot The Poets
 in stock $18.71
Cat: 506046341992. Rel: 09 Aug 17
  1. Give Good Time
  2. Year Of Hate
  3. In Your Palace
  4. Dendrophobia
  5. What Have You Done For Me?
  6. Sticks Not Twigs
  7. Rainbow Ridge
  8. Partisan
  9. Dead At The Wheel
  10. Broken Arrow
 in stock $8.82
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The Cribs