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The Creators

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Kronkite (12")
Cat: MAGICT 014. Rel: 14 Oct 00
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. Kronkite (radio version)
  2. Kronkite (dirty version & instrumental)
  3. Make An Impact (radio version)
  4. Make An Impact (dirty version & instrumental)
out of stock $5.29
The Music (12")
Cat: MAGICT 007. Rel: 19 May 00
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. The Music (radio version)
  2. The Music (instrumental)
  3. Watch Us Touch
out of stock $5.29
The Weight (2xLP)
Cat: MAGICLP 002. Rel: 04 Jun 00
  1. The Mission (featuring DJ Mr Thing)
  2. The Music (featuring El Da Sense)
  3. We Waitin (Call Waiting: Evidence & Iriscience)
  4. Heart Pound (featuring Evidence & DJ Babu)
  5. The Legacy (Call Waiting: Marley Marl, Masta Ace & Craig G)
  6. Thats My Word (featuring Craig G & Will Pack)
  7. All Yours (Call Waiting: T La Rock)
  8. Kronkite (featuring Phil Da Agony)
  9. Fonk Flavour (cuts by Plus One)
  10. In & Out (featuring Consequence)
  11. Zillo (Call Waiting: DJ Mighty Mi)
  12. Street Conexions (featuring Out Da Ville)
  13. Zooted (featuring Mike Zoot)
  14. Hoes & Dough (featuring Mike Zoot)
  15. Creators (Rise On Top)
  16. (Another) Another World (featuring Mos Def & Talib Kweli)
  17. Internatio Nal Ghetto (cuts by Juliano)
  18. WAR (featuring Tribel)
  19. The Aftermath
  20. No Love (featuring FT)
  21. Before We Touch (featuring Tribel)
  22. Watch Us Tonight (featuring Consequence)
  23. Enter The Stage (Call Waiting: Mad Lib)
  24. The Cypher (featuring Lootpack)
  25. Skits Blunts & Hip Hop (Call Waiting: Diamond D)
  26. Oh Yeah (featuring Shawn J Period, FT & Mike Zoot)
  27. The Coming
  28. Hard Margin (featuring Mos Def & Talib Kweli)
out of stock $11.64
Cat: MAGICLP 002X. Rel: 17 Jun 00
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. The Music (instrumental)
  2. Heart Pound (instrumental)
  3. That's My Word (instrumental)
  4. Kronkite (instrumental)
  5. In & Out (instrumental)
  6. Street Conexions (instrumental)
  7. Hoe's & Dough (instrumental)
  8. (Another) Another World (instrumental)
  9. WAR (instrumental)
  10. No Love (instrumental)
  11. Watch Us Touch (instrumental)
  12. The Cypher (instrumental)
  13. Oh Yeah (instrumental)
  14. Hard Margin (instrumental)
out of stock $10.07
Cat: ATH 058. Rel: 22 Feb 18
  1. Just You & Me (4:26)
  2. Blame It On Me (5:47)
Review: Another tape extracted from the Sony vault for the first time since the record was released in 1980. A floaty disco masterpiece by an American group that has been on the soul scene for time, but deserves a broader appreciation. Edinburgh's Athens Of The North (premium licensed rare music done right!) present this in a rare issue format, with the emotive and uplifting soul power of "Just You & Me" on the A side and the beautiful ballad "Blame It On Me" on the flip - apparently most original copies are missing this track. How the band never made it past one single is a complete mystery, as both of the tracks are incredible.
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 in stock $10.33
Cat: MAGICT 006. Rel: 26 Feb 00
  1. radio, instrumental & street versions
  2. No Love (original & instrumental)
out of stock $5.29
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The Creators