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Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases by The Black Dog
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Radio Scarecrow (remastered)
Cat: DUSTV 117. Rel: 28 Nov 23
Transmission Start (2:42)
Train By The Autobahn (part 1) (5:12)
Train By The Autobahn (part 2) (6:35)
Riphead v9 (5:15)
UV Sine (7:40)
Short Wave Lies (5:04)
Siiiipher (3:37)
Digital Poacher (2:36)
Coda (2:26)
Set To Recieve (3:45)
EVP Echoes (4:32)
Floods v3 (5:54)
Beep (3:35)
Witches Ov (3:43)
Dials & Dialers 1 (1:05)
Ghost Vexations (3:14)
Dials & Dialers 2 (1:29)
Review: Second time around for The Black Dog's acclaimed 2008 album Radio Scarecrow, a set which reportedly took the Sheffield-based trio two years to record (in part because the sub-bass they conjured up was so deep and heavy that they could only work on tracks for a short period of time). Now remastered and pressed to red vinyl, the set remains one of the veteran IDM combo's most potent and cleverly constructed full-length excursions - an entertaining, non-stop trip that cannily sashays between bilious ambience, melodious electronica, bass-heavy electro and futurist techno of the sort that recalls the angular Brutalist structures of their home city, a theme explored in more detail on their latest album, My Brutal Life.
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 in stock $35.60
Spanners (reissue)
Spanners (reissue) (gatefold 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: PUPLP 1R. Rel: 03 Aug 23
Raxmus (3:04)
Bolt1 (0:30)
Barbola Work (6:42)
Bolt2 (0:27)
Psil-cosyin (10:35)
Chase The Manhattan (5:42)
Bolt3 (1:35)
Tahr (3:09)
Bolt4 (1:05)
Further Harm (6:19)
Nommo (6:52)
Bolt5 (0:23)
Pot Noddle (7:13)
Bolt6 (0:42)
End Of Time (3:43)
Utopian Dream (6:02)
Bolt7 (0:17)
Frisbee Skip (5:22)
Chesh (5:56)
Review: The Black Dog were one of the core early Warp acts, and their Spanners album - the third full length of their career at the time - is one of their best. Despite its roots in the early IDM scene, the album managed to climb to number 30 in the UK charts back when it arrived in January 1995. It's a great mix of unexpected experimental oddness and dancefloor rhythms that makes for a superb trip through what was then the modern world. Pitchfork have rated it one of the 50 best IDM albums ever and this reissue reminds us why.
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 in stock $26.89
Music For Real Airports
Cat: DUSTCD 110. Rel: 02 Feb 23
Terminal EMA
DISinformation Desk
Passport Control
Wait Behind This Line
Empty Seat Calculations
Strip Light Hate
Future Delay Thinking
Delay 9
Sleep Deprivation 1
Sleep Deprivation 2
He Knows
Business Car Park 9
 in stock $10.02
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