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Reporting From Detroit
Reporting From Detroit (limited 3xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: RHM 035. Rel: 07 Jun 21
On 7 Mile All Night (5:12)
Beautiful Jerusalem (5:34)
Resolution (5:35)
8th Chance (3:10)
Dexter & Joy At Night (4:53)
Reporting From Detroit (4:38)
Music Box (4:42)
Star Garden (4:02)
Electronic Travellers (4:10)
Growth & Development (4:44)
Review: Detroit techno originator Terrence Dixon serves up another of his stunning albums on Rush Hour after making us all wait seven years since the last one. That one, Theatre of a Confused Mind, was as Population One, this one is under his own name, and it is another exploration of afro-futurist techno that could only come from the Motor City. The drums hit hard, but there is always soul in the synths. 'Reporting From Detroit' brings street-level angst and tension where 'Star Garden' explores the cosmos above, while moments of deep self-reflection are encouraged, nay mandatory, during tracks like 'Growth & Development.'
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 in stock $23.56
From The Far Future Part 3
Cat: TRESOR 321CD. Rel: 08 Dec 20
Lost Communication Procedure
We Can Rebuild Him
Don't Panic
Found In Space
Spectrum Of Light
Remarkable Wanderer
Unconditional Love
Program Weight
Earth Station
By Land
The Horizon Project
I'm Away In Detroit
Rotation (Delay mix)
 in stock $10.35
Keep In Mind I'm Out Of My Mind
Cat: RHM 038. Rel: 29 Sep 22
Operation Delete
Space Chime
Axis Mundi
State Of The Nile
Above Ground
 in stock $26.41
Theater Of A Confused Mind
Cat: RHM 013. Rel: 20 Oct 14
Out Of Control
Code Urgent
For Only You
Battle For Space
Inner City Circus
All Together
My Own Shadow
All Of A Sudden
Review: Terrence Dixon's announcement of plans to retire from techno with immediate effect earlier this year have typically gone without any further explanation, though it's been heartening to see his final round of projects surface over the course of 2014. Having already committed a killer Population One 12" to Metroplex, Dixon delivers another fitting parting shot in this LP for Rush Hour, who took their name from his classic Pop One production "Rush Hour". Theater Of A Confused Mind is a powerful statement from Dixon, expanding on the sci-fi themes of previous Population One material and posing several cryptic questions. Dixon's own voice introduces the album on "Out Of Control" and as matters progress those trademark queasy lines of melody begin to take control - "Inner City Circus" being a stand out of this set.
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 in stock $16.57
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