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Glow (CD)
Cat: CDV 3123. Rel: 06 Mar 14
  1. First Song
  2. Love Sublime (feat Nile Rodgers)
  3. Pressure (feat Thabo)
  4. Feel Of Love (feat Jamie Lidell)
  5. No Colour
  6. Ten Minutes
  7. Kill The Time (feat Fiora)
  8. Selfish (feat Jeremy Glenn)
  9. Good Enough To Keep (feat Nile Rodgers)
  10. Holla
  11. Listen Everybody
  12. See Right Through (feat Fiora)
  13. No Relief (feat Fiora)
  14. Things Left To Say
  15. 58 BPM (feat Fiora)
  16. Last Song
Review: There's no doubt that Glow, the long-awaited debut full-length from chart-bothering nu-disco/deep house/synth-Balearica fusionist Marco "Tensnake" Niemerski, feels like an "event" release. Released on major label Virgin EMI, and featuring an impressive all-star cast of collaborators - Chic's Nile Rodgers, Jamie Lidell and Stuart Price amongst them - it perfectly captures Niemerski's floor-focused, radio-friendly sound (think chiming synth melodies, baggy grooves, addictive vocals and kaleidoscopic compositions). As befits an album of this nature, there are plenty of musical shifts (from the boss-influenced, piano-laden Balearica of "Listen Everybody", to the deep nu-disco shuffle of previous single "See Right Through", via the skittering, saucer-eyed, dubstep-influenced future R&B of "Holla"), and enough sing-along moments to impress even the most cynical of critics.
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 in stock $10.45
Cat: TREP 017. Rel: 14 Jun 17
Deep House
  1. Freundchen (Red Rack'em remix) (8:45)
  2. Freundchen (Lauer remix) (6:14)
  3. Freundchen (Phil Gerus remix) (5:58)
Review: In late 2016, Hamburg nu-disco hero Tensnake served up yet another irresistible lo-slung anthem in the form of "Freundchen" and here come some more killer renditions by a who's who of the scene at present. Bergerac's Red Rack 'Em is first up with a loopy tool version which distills the track into its true essence: a respectful edit, if you will. Tuff City Kid Phillip Lauer is up next and works his signature magic as always on this classic house styled version, which will take you back to the UK's second Summer of Love. Finally, on the flip we have got Moscow's Phil Gerus with a neon-lit boogie down version: which we actually thought was the EP's finest moment.
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