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Europa Code
Europa Code (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: IT 045. Rel: 02 Oct 20
  1. Winged Assassin (5:31)
  2. Crater 101 (5:20)
  3. Place Of Angels (6:33)
  4. Europa Code (4:37)
Review: Enduring UK techno legend Surgeon links up with one of the modern scene's most vital labels in Munich's Ilian Tape. His fierce four track spreads mind melting synth work and industrial tinged percussion of a range of BPMs, with 'Place Of Angels' being the most raved up and intense. 'Europa Code' is a much slower and more mindful tune with a snaking rhythm and mysterious leads and 'Crater 101' is the blistering peak time banger any techno set needs. 'Winged Assassin' is our favourite, though, with its nagging synth loops and clattering percussion being a perfect mix of tension and release.
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 in stock $12.69
Luminosity Device
Cat: DTRLP 4. Rel: 23 May 18
  1. Seven Peaceful Deities (2:18)
  2. The Primary Clear Light (5:50)
  3. Courage To Face Up To (5:13)
  4. Earth-sinking-into-water (5:48)
  5. Master Of All Visible Shapes (6:29)
  6. The Vibratory Waves Of External Unity (6:37)
  7. Eight Wrathful Deities (5:40)
  8. The Etheric Body (6:07)
  9. The Source (4:28)
Review: For his first album in nearly two years, Anthony Child - better known, of course, under the Surgeon alias - has taken influence from The Tibetan Book of the Dead, a tome that famously also inspired the Beatles' "Tomorrow Never Knows". As a result, the Birmingham producer's usual moody modular techno rhythms and armour-plated grooves come brandishing decidedly trippy electronics, not to mention some serious psychedelic synth lines. Combine these with a willingness to explore electro and Autechre style IDM rhythms, and you have an album that could be Child's most impressive set for some time.
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 in stock $16.23
From Farthest Known Objects
Cat: DTRLP 3. Rel: 26 Jan 16
  1. EGS-zs8-1 (6:44)
  2. Z8_GND_5296 (6:30)
  3. SXDF-NB1006-2 (6:45)
  4. GN-108036 (6:19)
  5. BDF-3299 (6:48)
  6. ULAS J1120+0641 (5:57)
  7. A1703 ZD6 (4:54)
  8. BDF-521 (7:03)
Review: Anthony Child claims that the inspiration for his seventh artist album came from using hardware to receive transmissions from far-flung galaxies. He then hooked up with astrophysicist Dr Andrew Read - a former collaborator - to work out the bewildering track titles. That's the concept. The reality is that From Farthest Known Objects is a dense, grainy work. It feels like Child has deconstructed or in some more extreme situations has hacked away at tropes like minimalism, clicks and cuts and dub step to reveal an inner, hidden world. On the first few tracks, this alternate reality resounds to a sluggish pace, amid the crackle and groan of cleaved percussion and tortured subs, but it gradually comes round to stepping, broken beat techno and lunging rhythms. That these also descend into pulverising walls of white noise and nausea-inducing frequency shifts at times also serve as a reminder that Child has tuned into something other or inner-worldly.
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 in stock $10.14
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