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Sunshine Jones

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Cat: TUOC 01. Rel: 29 Aug 17
Deep House
  1. Fall In Love Not In Line (extended vocal version) (10:40)
  2. Fall In Love Not In Line (Sunshine Soul mix) (6:55)
  3. Fall In Love Not In Line (Love version) (6:53)
Review: House legend from San Francisco Sunshine Jones is back. A founding member of Dubtribe Sound System, the man has also been a staple of the esteemed Nite Grooves imprint since 2006 and now inaugurates The Urgency Of Change with his new anthem "Fall In Love Not In Line". First up is the "Extended vocal version", which is absolutely evocative and life affirming in a Larry Heard indebted way; with its rich vintage strings and spangling arpeggios doing most of the fine work. "The Sunshine Soul mix" injects some Kerri Chandler style afro tribal drums into the mix (to lovely effect) until finally the "Love version" works as a dub version of the first mix and using those powerful vocals a bit more sparingly.
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Home (gatefold LP)
Cat: TUOC 04LP.
Deep House
  1. Love Song For My Angry Son
  2. Morning Bandanas
  3. The Sun
  4. Home
  5. Acid (Improvisation)
  6. Lelek
  7. Headhunters
  8. Cry & Release
  9. Dirtbike
  10. All We Are
  11. Fall In Love Not In Line
Played by: Vincent Inc
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Lovetrax EP (transparent red vinyl 12")
Cat: WDSB 03. Rel: 01 Mar 17
  1. Sunshine Jones - "Lovergirl" (8:02)
  2. Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee - "Love Me Too" (5:28)
  3. Will Buck & PRTMNTO - "I Need Your Love" (6:40)
  4. Vagabundo Club Social - "Sonico Amor" (7:41)
Review: Perhaps we should think of Whiskey Disco's Small Batch series as their attempt at "artisan disco". Certainly, the re-edits on show should have a few hipsters - and plenty of disco DJs - stroking their hirsute chins in appreciation. Dubtribe Soundsystem's Sunshine Jones kicks things off with the mid-80s synth-pop-goes-acid-house brilliance of "Lovergirl", while regular collaborators Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee doff a cap to Sly & Robbie and Larry Levan on the dub disco vibes of "Love Me Too". Those after some high tempo jazz-funk-meets-disco-house thrills should check Will Buck and PRTMNTO's "I Need Your Love". As for Vagabundo Club Social's "Sonico Armor", it's a hazy, dub-flecked Balearic disco delight.
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Cat: BEDTORVIN 4. Rel: 17 Dec 14
Minimal/Tech House
  1. October - "Homo Sapiens"
  2. D'Julz - "Remember"
  3. Quivver - "Paper Lunch"
  4. Sunshine Jones - "The Sun"
 in stock $9.87
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Sunshine Jones
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