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Covered In Gloria: Sampler 2
Covered In Gloria: Sampler 2 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: DEEK016-2 / EESS004. Rel: 05 Feb 18
  1. Suzanne Kraft - "Nordsee"
  2. Minor Science - "Heatwave"
  3. Sultan Shakes - "Oud Ou Ray"
  4. Eyedress - "Girls"
  5. Geller & Kaya - "Wham Dub"
Review: Especial Specials and DEEK Recordings return with the second vinyl sampler of the Covered In Gloria album. As before, DEEK's Bullion pulls together the label's alumni and homies; a gamut of talent and styles feature, from Suzanne Kraft, Minor Science, Sultan Shakes, Eyedress and Geller & Kaya.

Diego Herrera's Suzanne Kraft alter ego has become a cause celebre of the ambient revival of the last few years. However, his early releases and remixes show a talent for beats as well as atmospherics. His cover of Andreas Dorau's Nordsee is all that, taking the Die Doraus Und Die Marinas original's whimsy production to embrace Krautrock motorik rhythms and warm vocal tones.

Accompanying this is a heartfelt version of Blue Niles' classic Heatwave. Appearing on their beautiful debut Walk Across The Rooftops, doing the song justice is a challenge. However, Minor Science rework the Japanese fused original with a respectful retake, with plink-plonk percussion and delicate vocals giving a perfect restraint alongside a touch of modern minimalism.

Starting the final side is the most club friendly cover from the tassle-haired newcomer, Sultan Shakes. After turning heads with his debut Interstellar Love, he returns by paying respect to A Guy Called Gerald's anthem via a twisted, electro-psychedelic reversion for the dance.

A left turn follows from Manilla's Eyedress with his exploratory acoustic love ode, Girls. The perfect counter song taking the Beastie Boys' original to surf's up, obscure lo-fi wanderings, fitting exactly what Covered In Gloria is all about. Respect, with a smile.

To finale is Geller & Kaya. Having appeared on DEEK's previous covers opus, Extraordinary Renditions, their pop-reggae homage to Wham's ubiquitous Rap is put through the echo chamber by respective label heads & cohorts (Bullion and Chuggy) for a cod'n'chips tinged Dub rewiring, where mixing desk becomes instrument and points to possible collaborations to come. Do you enjoy what you do...?

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Played by: Too Many Cars
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