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SOHN Live With The Metropole Orkest
Cat: 4AD 0234LPE. Rel: 05 Jun 20
  1. Hue (4:31)
  2. Fool (3:52)
  3. Oscillate (3:44)
  4. Signal (4:25)
  5. The Wheel (4:05)
  6. Bloodflows (8:21)
  7. Tremors (2:09)
  8. Harbour (2:44)
  9. Nil (4:44)
  10. Lights (5:27)
  11. Lessons (3:56)
  12. Hard Liquor (4:53)
  13. Artifice (3:31)
  14. Conrad (4:43)
  15. Rennen (4:13)
Review: Any artist lucky enough to share a stage with the Metropole Orkest should be taken very seriously indeed - whether that's the institution's full 54-person strong entourage or a pared back team sheet. The Dutch aficionados, led by acclaimed British conductor Jules Buckley, set the benchmark for contemporary orchestral work, collaborations with cutting edge electronic producers and pop songwriters abound. For Sohn, the honour of working alongside these world-beating musicians came as part of 2019's Amsterdam Dance Event, the world's largest electronic music festival, with the stage set at Melkweg, arguably the most iconic live venue in the Dutch capital. Background details done, all you need to know is this is a stunning showcase of a songwriter on top form, capable of creating vast atmospheres with sparse, tripped out R&B pop, with those harmonies, basslines and strings rendered more powerful than ever thanks to incredible supporting cast. A genuinely unforgettable listening experience.
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 in stock $27.92
Tremors (gatefold LP)
Cat: CAD 3403. Rel: 04 Apr 14
  1. Tempest
  2. The Wheel
  3. Artifice
  4. Bloowflows
  5. Ransom Notes
  6. Paralysed
  7. Fool
  8. Lights
  9. Veto
  10. Lessons
  11. Tremors
 in stock $13.80
Lessons (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: BAD 3339. Rel: 25 Nov 13
  1. Lessons
  2. Lessons (instrumental)
  3. Lessons (acappella)
Played by: Lola Allen
 in stock $14.28
Bloodflows EP
Cat: BAD 3324. Rel: 18 Jul 13
  1. Bloodflows
  2. Warnings
  3. Oscillate
Review: Caught somewhere between post-dubstep introspections and synth pop bombast, Sohn makes the leap to 4AD for a three-tracker of catchy melancholia defined in many different textures. There's rattling percussion and myriad layers of melody on the driving surge of "Bloodflows", using a song structure as a jump off point but really occupied with more textural concerns. "Warnings" is a more laid back affair bolstered by Purple synths and a half-step rhythm, built for slow-cruising for sensitive souls. "Oscillate" is perhaps the most overtly poppy turn on the record, the track's colourful arpeggios placed strategically around the bold vocal.
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 in stock $18.80
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