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Enjoy This Trip LP Sampler (clear vinyl 10")
Cat: EXIT 079. Rel: 17 Jul 18
Deep Dubstep
  1. Paper House (feat DRS) (4:11)
  2. Nebula (5:07)
Review: Don't be fooled by the title; this ain't no sampler from Skeppy's fantastic debut album Enjoy This Trip, these are two fresh new tracks that remind us the Exit artist depths and versatility. His first 140 jams in a while, "Paper House" shudders under the weight of DRS's crystaline poetry while "Nebula" shoots us to the edge of the sub bass cosmos on a rocket made of spacious, skippy beats and shows us no way of returning home. It's the trip that keeps on giving...
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 in stock $11.42
Enjoy This Trip (clear vinyl 3xLP)
Cat: EXITLP 018. Rel: 10 Jul 18
Drum And Bass
  1. Enjoy This Trip (5:38)
  2. Pitch Black (4:45)
  3. Freudian Slip (5:43)
  4. Duck Soup (4:37)
  5. Grub (5:34)
  6. Cold Fold (5:17)
  7. Void (4:51)
  8. Plastic City (4:33)
  9. Elevator (5:53)
  10. Orbit (5:01)
  11. Look Behind (5:18)
  12. Violet (3:56)
Review: One of the most vital and innovative producers drum & bass has seen in years, Skeptical comes correct with his debut album on the impeachable Exit and it's every bit as heavy, spacious and thoughtful as you'd expect it to be. From the opening mechanical purrs and well oiled halftime of the opening title track right through the dusty soul echoes of the album's downtempo finale track "Violet", Enjoy This Trip is the type of album that sucks you right in and refuses to let you go. With stacks of dancefloor weight in there too (see "Grub", "Void", "Duck Soup" to name but three), this is an exemplary LP that hits the spot at home on the headphones or home at the controls. Take a trip today.
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 in stock $31.61
Without A Trace EP (double 12")
Cat: EXIT 071. Rel: 21 Feb 17
Drum And Bass
  1. Without A Trace (4:12)
  2. Solitude (4:54)
  3. Taurus (9:08)
  4. Killa (4:15)
Review: Skeptical & Alix Perez... Contemporary drum & bass production tag-teams really don't get any sharper, deeper or slicker. Following previous collaborations "Elephant Dreams" and "Room 667" with four stark cuts, get ready for a lean, mean adventure: "Without A Trace" grunts with a grainy textured hook that's one of a kind, "Solitude" stutters and wriggles with minimal mystery - each of the key ingredients comprising a beastly groove that defies the sum of its parts. Further into the odyssey we hit the incredible oceanic synth bliss, cosmic soul and jungle tidal waves of "Taurus" and get our creps stuck in the gooey swampy halftime gully soup of "Killa". Crucial.
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 in stock $17.53
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