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Sister Sledge

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Sister Sledge

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Thinking Of You: The ATCO/Cotillion/Atlantic Recordings 1973-1985
Cat: QSMCR 5191BX. Rel: 18 Mar 20
  1. Circle Of Love (Caught In The Middle) (CD1: Mama Never Told Me)
  2. Cross My Heart
  3. Protect Our Love
  4. Give In To Love
  5. Love Don't You Go Through No Changes On Me
  6. Don't You Miss Him Now
  7. Pain Reliever
  8. You're Much Better Off Loving Me
  9. Fireman
  10. The Weatherman
  11. Have You Met My Friend
  12. Mama Never Told Me
  13. Neither One Of Us (Wants To Be The First To Say Goodbye)
  14. Love Has Found Me
  15. Love Ain't Easy
  16. Thank You For Today
  17. Have Love, Will Travel
  18. Cream Of The Crop
  19. Blockbuster Boy
  20. Do The Funky Do
  21. I Was Made To Love Her (Him) (CD2: Do It To The Max)
  22. Hold On To This Feeling
  23. As
  24. Sneakin' Sally Through The Alley
  25. Funky Family
  26. Baby, It's The Rain
  27. Can't Mess Around With Love
  28. My Favorite Song
  29. Hands Full Of Nothing
  30. Moondancer
  31. I've Seen Better Days
  32. Do It To The Max
  33. He's The Greatest Dancer
  34. Lost In Music
  35. Somebody Loves Me
  36. Thinking Of You
  37. We Are Family
  38. Easier To Love (CD3: Reach Your Peak)
  39. You're A Friend To Me
  40. One More Time
  41. Got To Love Somebody
  42. You Fooled Around
  43. I'm A Good Girl
  44. Easy Street
  45. Reach Your Peak
  46. Pretty Baby
  47. How To Love
  48. Let's Go On Vacation
  49. All American Girls
  50. He's Just A Runaway
  51. If You Really Want Me
  52. Next Time You'll Know
  53. Happy Feeling
  54. Ooh, You Caught My Heart (CD 4: All The Man I Need)
  55. Make A Move
  56. Don't You Let Me Lose It
  57. Music Makes Me Feel Good
  58. I Don't Want To Say Goodbye
  59. Super Bad Sisters
  60. My Guy
  61. Lightfootin'
  62. My Special Way
  63. Grandma
  64. Get You In Our Love
  65. Il Maquillage Lady
  66. Everybody's Friend
  67. All The Man I Need
  68. Jacki's Theme: There's No Stopping Us
  69. BYOB (Bring Your Own Baby)
  70. Lifetime Lover
  71. Once In Your Life
  72. Shake Me Down (CD 5: Frankie)
  73. Dream On
  74. Let Him Go
  75. Smile
  76. Bet Cha Say That To All The Girls
  77. Gotta Get Back To Love
  78. Thank You For The Party
  79. When The Boys Meet The Girls
  80. Dancing On The Jagged Edge
  81. Frankie
  82. You're Fine
  83. Hold Out Poppy
  84. The Boy Most Likely
  85. You Need Me
  86. Following The Leader
  87. Peer Pressure
  88. Mama Never Told Me (CD 6: Lost In music - Tom Moulton mix)
  89. We Are Family (Steve Anderson Dmc remix)
  90. He's The Greatest Dancer (Josh Abbey remix)
  91. Lost In Music (1984 Nile Rodgers remix)
  92. Thinking Of You (Ramp club mix)
  93. He's The Greatest Dancer (Brutal Bill remix)
  94. Lost In Music (Sure Is Pure remix)
  95. We Are Family (Sure Is Pure remix)
  96. Frankie (dub mix)
  97. Frankie (club mix)
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Sister Sledge
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