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Silverlining Dubs (V) (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: SVD 005. Rel: 14 May 18
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Silverlining - "Breezin Thru" (7:24)
  2. Doodlebug - "Loose In Your Mind" (Silverlining remix) (7:03)
Review: Yet more gems from the Silverlining studio, this time turning to the much sought after "Breezin Thru" track originally released in 1998. This is a true classic from the golden era of tech house, rooted in the London scene defined by the likes of Terry Francis and the like, and yet it sounds like it could have been made yesterday. The strident, upfront beat and immersive atmospheric shimmers are pure dancefloor gold. On the flip, Andy Blake and Dave Coker's Doodlebug project gets the remix treatment, winding up as crafty electro breaks with a tilt towards the deep end of the dance.
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Silverlining Dubs (VIII) (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: SVD 008. Rel: 17 Sep 18
Minimal/Tech House
  1. A Paradoxical Insistance (7:36)
  2. Turn, Turn, Turn (9:00)
Review: UK tech house veteran Silverlining is back with the latest installment in his Silverlining Dubs series, once again offering up dynamic excursions into the deeper end of the dance music spectrum. "A Paradoxical Insistance" shimmers and shakes with illustrious strokes of synth, marking out a moody headspace for the subliminal set to lose themselves in. "Turn, Turn. Turn" takes a spikier stance with its rasping percussive tones and peppy groove, but there's still plenty of space for dubbed out sound design to keep this jam firmly rooted in the grand tradition of proper tech house.
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Silverlining Dubs (ix)
Silverlining Dubs (ix) (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: SVD 009. Rel: 14 Jan 19
  1. Groundhog Rave
  2. Stolen Baggage
  3. Spinach, Mystery & Insult
  4. Sticky Snails
Review: Ask anyone involved in London's treasured underground house scene of the mid 90s and they'll all tell you the same thing: Silverlining is among that era's most prolific and consistent producers. A musician and DJ of considerable craft and technicality, his is a way of working that's meant he's gained a sort of cult following in discerning circles, with his many vinyl releases always going down a treat with in-the-know record heads. Don't just take our word for it: check out Silverlining's Discogs page to get an idea of what we're talking about. For his latest, the British producer returns to his Silverlining Dubs imprint for a four track EP that's laced with dancefloor-focused goodness.

Kicking off the EP is the rugged sounds of 'Groundhog Rave', fresh out of his South London studio. A muscular cut that never lets its momentum falter for every a moment, this one is characterised by its canny bells as well as a firm dedication to dancefloor aesthetics. Full to the brim with swirling, unpredictable tones from the off, it's full of menace and bags a serious punch. An auspicious start to proceedings, it paves the way for 'Stolen Baggage'. Originally released on Eukahouse in 1997, it is an example of Silverlining's knack for more introspective cuts. Dextrous, deep and trippy but definitely geared towards the floor, this one has been tailor-made for the night's tripper moments in mind.

The wonderfully-named 'Spinach, Mystery and Insult' then gets the B side underway. Arguably the EP's most momentous moment, this one plays out like one of Carl Craig's grandiose productions as 69. A versatile, flair-laden production that's suited to both the beginning and the tail-end of any set, it's a warm, hypnotic gem that's hard not to lap up. Seeing us out the gate soon after is 'Sticky Snails', a truly eclectic listen with guitar and bass licks courtesy of Chris Pascoe, and a range of melodic bells featuring throughout. Stopping to pass for breath around the half-way mark, it keeps us captivated all the way thanks to its incessant ability to keep up second-guessing. A triumphant EP full of versatile weapons, Silverlining's latest marks another storied chapter in an increasingly impressive discography.

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