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Sharif Laffrey

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Pony EP (12")
Cat: LOTR 010. Rel: 03 Aug 16
Deep House
  1. Pony J.A.M (9:48)
  2. Pony Roger (6:38)
Review: Paramida's Love On The Rocks imprint is in great form. Following up Indonesian Jonathan Kusuma's brilliant Underpass EP is Detroit's Sharif Laffrey with the Pony EP and following up that wicked acid anthem "Turn It Up" on Discos Capablanca last year. On the A side we've got the stomping and tunnelling peak time acid house of "Pony J.A.M." which is sure to get the kids trancing out retro-style. That sample of "It's A Fine Day" in the middle was a nice touch! On the flip "Pony Roger" is another, purely belter version of the track, almost bordering on early 90's techno by the likes of Final Cut or Cybersonik, but hey.. he's from The D right?
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Played by: Another_Swede
 in stock $10.35
Tangier (12")
Cat: ESP 079. Rel: 22 Jun 18
Deep House
  1. Tangier (13:04)
  2. Everything Is Nice (6:30)
Review: To date, long serving but low key Detroiter Sharif Laffrey has specialised in delivering epic cuts that prioritize hypnotic grooves, raw drums and subtle musical shifts. For his debut on Lovefingers' ESP Institute label he ratchets up the intensity by a few dozen notches, basing fearsome A-side "Tangier" around a druggy, full-throttle groove, wild and psychedelic acid lines, snaking Middle Eastern horn solos and the kind of rumbling bassline that will sound awesome blasting out of a meaty soundsystem. B-side "Everything Is Nice" is deeper and groovier in tone, with Laffrey wrapping bleeping melody lines and echoing vocal samples around a crunchy drum machine rhythm. It's very good, even if it does lack the restless energy of the exotic A-side.
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 in stock $9.54
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Sharif Laffrey
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