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Secrets Of The Deep
Secrets Of The Deep (blue vinyl LP + poster limited to 300 copies)
Cat: CAP 008. Rel: 19 Feb 21
  1. Deep Secrets (8:24)
  2. Hot Tub (6:16)
  3. Spaced Rider (3:34)
  4. Sun Trails (5:05)
  5. Fantasy (3:11)
  6. Cruisin' (5:08)
  7. High Seas Drifter (7:14)
Review: 11 years after first release, The Seahawks finally put out their 2010 album Secrets of The Deep on vinyl. It was only available as a strictly limited bonus CD back then, too, so has always been hard to come by. It is a fine collection of space ocean edits that very much set the tone for The Seahawks's sound with marina drone, deck shoegaze, cosmic yacht rock and deep drench all being fitting descriptors. Tracks like 'Hot Tub' are by now stone cold classics that have been used in many a set while 'Sun Trails' is perfect for laying back in the hot sun - just as soon as it arrives.
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 in stock $18.21
Eyes Of The Moon
Cat: CSN 117LP. Rel: 12 Mar 19
  1. Emergence (8:21)
  2. Eyes Of The Moon (5:13)
  3. Color Temples (3:09)
  4. Astral Echoes (3:56)
  5. Run Through My Mind (3:49)
  6. Over & Over (2:56)
  7. Dancing Inner Space (4:47)
  8. 5th World Symphony (8:36)
 in stock $24.65
Sky Party
Sky Party (12")
Cat: BIKE 013. Rel: 25 Aug 15
  1. Say Hello To Love (8:49)
  2. Make Your Mind (9:09)
Review: Here's something of a treat for those of a Balearic persuasion: a musical meeting of minds between the ever magnificent Seahawks and the similarly talented Eddie C, on the latter's Red Motorbike imprint. "Say Hello To Love" sounds like it was created to accompany long, endless sunsets, with woozy guitar lines, gravelly vocals and swirling chords wrapping themselves around a lolloping groove. Things get trippy on the flip, where all parties neck a whole load of hallucinogens and lay down the kind of psychedelic fusion of electronics, effects-laden guitars and hissing percussion of which dear old Syd Barrett would no doubt approve.
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 in stock $11.74
Celestial Rairoads
Cat: OM 24CD. Rel: 01 Nov 19
  1. The Next Level
  2. Travel Softly
  3. The Way Of Woo
  4. Magic Totem
  5. Omotion
  6. A Deep Trip Within
  7. Angelic Forces Unite
  8. All Beings Of Light
  9. Magic Sphere
  10. Distant River
  11. The Heart's Fandango
  12. Seven States Of Bliss
 in stock $7.03
Items 1 to 4 of 4 on page 1 of 1


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