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SAM DEES Vinyl & CDs

Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases by Sam Dees
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Paper Man
Cat: DEEPSOUL 16. Rel: 26 Jan 23
Alpaca Phase III - "Paper Man" (3:38)
Sam Dees - "False Alarms" (3:09)
Review: Fans of the Atlanta and Birmingham soul sound of the 70s take note - this one is for you. 'Paper Man' by Sam Dees and Alpaca Phase III comes from that golden time and has only just been earthed by someone digging in the vault of Moonsong and Clintone Recordings. Sam Dees worked with Alpaca Phase III in 1974 on some music for Atlantic and then this ballad a little later. Dees is the vocalist on 'False Alarms' and anyone who heard his Second To None CD in 1995 will know it. These are two golden soul tunes that will swoon their way into your affections.
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 in stock $10.64
Where Is The Love
Cat: S4R 19. Rel: 15 Aug 22
Where Is The Love (3:08)
Love Calls (5:01)
Review: Sam Diss has a buttery voice that immediately melts the heart. His tunes on the likes of Outta Sight and Kent Dance and albums on Pure Pleasure always sell out. This 7" single was written by the man himself and is one of his many majestic cuts from a career that started in the late 60s and found him recording for the next 30 odd years. An original will be hard to find and probably too costly if you do so grab this limited edition 7" and prepare to get smoochy as soon as you drop the needle on the record.
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 in stock $18.36
Lonely For You Baby
Cat: CHV 002. Rel: 03 Nov 21
Lonely For You Baby (45 version) (2:44)
Lonely For You Baby (alternate version) (2:40)
Review: The newly launched vinyl arm of Outta Sight gets off to a fantastic start this month with no fewer than three utterly curial 7"s all dropping. The label deals in golden era Norther Soul reissues and this Sam Diss offering certainly falls within that remit. These vintage soul tunes were first out out in 1968 and come with carefree, loved up moods thanks to great use of acoustic drums and alto sax leads. The vocals are of course what really pack in the emotion as they rise and fall to take you on a proper rollercoaster.
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Played by: Soul Music
 in stock $13.04
The Show Must Go On (remastered)
The Show Must Go On (remastered) (180 gram audiophile vinyl LP)
Cat: PPANSD 18134. Rel: 19 Dec 17
Child Of The Streets (6:16)
The Show Must Go On (3:25)
Comer Back Strong (3:05)
Just Out Of My Breach (3:41)
Claim Jumpin' (2:52)
Troubled Child (3:36)
What's It Gonna Be (4:48)
Worn Out Broken Heart (3:20)
Good Guys (3:16)
So Tied Up (3:49)
 in stock $36.71
Touch Me With Your Love
Cat: CITY 035. Rel: 24 Oct 14
Touch Me With Your Love
Run To Me
 in stock $10.64
Child Of The Streets 2015 (Record Store Day 2015)
Cat: UTI 7001. Rel: 06 May 15
Sam Dees - "Child Of The Streets 2015" (5:10)
Barbara Acklin - "Am I The Same Girl 2015" (4:49)
Review: The Cosmologist's Under The Influence series returns with a soul 7" especially for RSD! "Child Of The Street" by Sam Dees originates from 1973 and comes dripping with socio-political undertones, which remain intact on The Cosmologist's 2015 tweak which subtly embellishes the groove into something close to a hip hop beat. Face down and we go back a decade to 1968 and the outright soul gem "Same Girl" by Barbara Acklin, twisting it up with the lesser known piano version from Young Holt Unlimited for 5 minutes that will nice up any dance!
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 in stock $11.44
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