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Itria Vol 3
Itria Vol 3 (limited 12")
Cat: PF 005. Rel: 09 Dec 22
Deep House
Interstellar Funk - "Jupiter's Arpeggio" (7:11)
Tamburi Neri - "Oceano Irrazionale" (5:38)
Salamanda - "Morning Magic" (3:29)
Hiver pressents Night Heron - "Thunder" (6:13)
ZIPPO & Claudio PRC - "Nettuno Blu" (6:17)
Review: Previous volumes in Polifonic's multi-artist Itria series have loosely explored the more 'Mediterranean' end of the dance music spectrum, giddily scampering between tracks variously inspired by dream house, Balearica and glassy-eyed nu-disco. There's a more psychedelic tone to this third instalment, with the collected cuts doffing a cap towards cosmic sounds and slow techno. Amsterdam producer Interstellar Funk sets the tone via the chugging beats, throbbing sequenced bass and sun-bright synth melodies of 'Jupiter's Arpeggio', before Tamburi Neri opts for hallucinatory textures, twanging Jew's harp sounds and slow-motion tribal percussion ('Oceano Irrazionali'). Elsewhere, Salamada's 'Morning Magic' is an aural sunrise ritual rich in tribal percussion and drowsy sonic textures, 'Thunder' by Hiver's Night Heron project is a bubbly cosmic throb-job, and Zippo & Claudio PRC's 'Nettuno Blu' is an immersive, ultra-deep dancefloor delight.
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 in stock $15.29
In Parallel
Cat: WSDMLP 006. Rel: 02 Nov 23
Nostalgia (3:56)
Homemade Jam (3:53)
Sun Tickles (4:32)
Purple Punch (4:35)
Paper Labyrinth (4:56)
Tonal, Fluid (3:24)
Sending Ritual (4:08)
Full Of Mushrooms (4:13)
In Parallel (5:06)
Mysterious Wedding (4:27)
Review: Seoul-based duo Salamanda clearly struck upon a persuasive formula when they first cropped up on Good Morning Tapes in 2020. Somewhere between delicate ambient and a modern kind of deep house, their music carries a tenderness which feels absolutely at home on Facta and K-Lone's eminently soothing stable, Wisdom Teeth. In Parallel builds on the sound laid out on previous records for Human Pitch and Metron by presenting a more focused duo seemingly conscious of their rapidly grown audience and considering how to best build upon their tender sound without losing the charm. Threading subtle pop elements into their gossamer-light constructions, this is a rich, satisfying listen from a duo it's so easy to love.
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 in stock $19.51
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