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Rickard Javerling

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Cat: YES 004CD. Rel: 05 Oct 06
  1. Ice Princess
  2. The Three Sisters
  3. Two Times Five Lullaby
  4. Heavenly Birds Pt 1
  5. Track
  6. The Connor Pass
  7. Wind Play
  8. Palermo
  9. Brandon Bay Out To Sea!
  10. Martina's Waltz
  11. Heavenly Birds Pt 2
Review: Swedish travelling musician Rickard Jäverling is a man with heart, something never more evident than when gliding through "Two Times Five Lullaby" - his debut album. After spending some time in Ireland and Glasgow playing folk music to earn a living, Jäverling decided to return to his native Sweden and start laying down the tracks he'd always dreamed of with his musical friends in Stockholm. Taking in influence from his love of American folk music, Chicago post-rock, classic Swedish prog and the pastoral ambience of Eno and Budd, Jäverling began to piece together a record utilizing the musical talents of anyone he could find. Here we have banjos, accordion, drums, harps and even Hammond organ (played by Sagor and Swing's Erik Malmberg!) dropped into the mix, in what feels like a document of friendly inclusion. Forming a coherent whole when listened to from beginning to end, Jäverling has created a record which reads like a book, each chapter detailing excitement, adventure, love and remorse. Whether moulding a classic hoedown ("Three Sisters"), a softly spoken ballad ("Two Times Five Lullaby"), slow burning prog ("Track") or a nostalgic waltz ("Martina's Waltz") it is Jäverling's honesty and pure uncynical talent that always shines through, and in this post millennial climate that is surely more than you could ever ask for.
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Cat: YES 003. Rel: 04 Nov 06
  1. The Three Sisters
  2. Vasbacken
  3. Sultan
  4. Brandon Bay - Farewell (Shoreline remix)
Review: Swedish travelling minstrel, Rickard Jäverling, returns to lavish upon us further moments of heartfelt, folk-inspired beauty. Spinning Scandinavian wordless folk-songs seems like second nature for Jäverling, and these tracks show quite perfectly his unique skills. Beginning with 'Three Sisters' (which also featured on his recent 'Two Times Five Lullaby' album) we're off to an explosive start; a 21st century hoedown with eyes fixed on frozen Northern European fields rather than rickety Pennsylvanian barns. With banjo, drums and guitar, Jäverling and his band manage to distil a Tortoise-inspired post-rock intelligence and blend it with the traditional folk sounds that seem to have made their way into the mainstream once more. Side A is rounded off with the shimmering and beautiful 'Västbacken', a hazy instrumental piece of folk poetry bringing to mind bubbling streams and the beauty of a childish midsummer adventure. The EP's defining moment however comes on the flipside with the 7 minute epic 'Sultan'. It's hard to imagine a track more life affirming than this, which takes the Chicago post-rock formula and re-contextualises it for 2006, giving us something both reflective and quietly jubilant. Finishing off the disc are fellow Yesternow artists, Shoreline, who have ushered Jäverling into their ever-growing family and contributed a 'remix' which takes the original track and injects it with a sense of fun and playful abandon. 'The Three Sisters EP' adds yet further weight to the growing Yesternow catalogue, and is more proof of the subtle and measured talents of Rickard Jäverling.
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Album 3 (LP)
Cat: HNRLP 014. Rel: 25 May 18
  1. Introduction (4:21)
  2. April Fool (5:34)
  3. Chasing Our Hours (4:11)
  4. Mast (4:58)
  5. What Happened In Bowdark (5:01)
  6. Sapiens Sapiens (8:09)
  7. Axial Tilt (4:04)
  8. April April (3:03)
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Rickard Javerling