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Reinhard Voigt

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Speicher 104
  1. T Raumschmiere - "Augen Zu"
  2. Reinhard Voigt - "Drei Millionen Kolsch"
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Kontraste (12")
Cat: KOMPAKT 351. Rel: 07 Dec 16
Minimal/Tech House
  1. The Singing Saw (6:32)
  2. Trust (4:51)
 in stock $8.83
Cat: KOM 368. Rel: 12 Sep 17
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Apokalypse Mau (8:04)
  2. Seven Lines (7:06)
 in stock $9.67
Cat: KOMPAKT 338. Rel: 16 Feb 16
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Reisen & Speisen (7:53)
  2. Wuhler (4:37)
Review: As one of Kompakt's longest serving artists, it's perhaps unsurprising that Reinhard Voigt was last year given the honour of delivering the debut release on the Cologne institution's KX imprint. This time round, he's back on the parent label, once again proving his skill at delivering tactile, mind-altering techno at a house tempo. "Reisen & Speison" is particularly brain bending, with a sharp, druggy top end line rolling on relentlessly atop punchy beats and a foreboding, stretched out bassline. Voigt takes a similar approach on the deeper, slightly darker "Wuhler", with an intense, throbbing synthesizer arpeggio providing contrast to his chiming, late night melodies.
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 in stock $9.67
Cat: KOMPAKTEX 094. Rel: 07 Mar 17
  1. Terranova - "Labrador" (Reinhard Voigt remix) (6:54)
  2. Reinhard Voigt - "Husky" (Terranova remix) (10:38)
Review: Brother to the equally talented Wofgang, Reinhard Voigt has been a monumental member of Cologne's infamous Kompakt imprint since the early 1990s, and not often is he praised as one of the founding pillars of what we now refer to as 'minimal' techno. While the label used to be associated to a more freeform strain of house, Reinhard has been responsible for giving it that techno-minded edge that its now famous for, and this has been a product of his work on the Speicher sub-project. This is number 94 in the series, and the producer is joined by the relatively younger talents of Terranova. In fact, "Labrador" is a Reinhard Voigt remix of Terranova's original tune, and the man transforms the tune into a dark, brooding techno missile back by that unmistakable Cologne suaveness; the flip sees Terranova remix "Husky" by Voigt, and the product is a bubbly, electro-ridden house chugger with a vast, prophetic swarm of pads. Classic Speicher material!
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Played by: Eric Duncan
 in stock $8.83
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Reinhard Voigt
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