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Reece Johnson

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Searching EP
Searching EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: CINE V002. Rel: 29 Apr 19
Deep House
  1. Felipe Gordon - "Rio"
  2. Freudenthaler - "Bel Air"
  3. G. Markus - "Cherchez Le G"
  4. Reece Johnson - "Montreux"
Review: Moment Cinetique return for their second vinyl release showcasing both the Deep and Disco-influenced side of House. The A-Side provides the deeper edge with fast-rising producer Felipe Gordon making his label debut after huge releases on labels including Toy Tonics & Quintessentials with the smooth keys and unrestricted arrangement of 'Rio'.
Homegrown Moment Cinetique producer Freudenthaler who provides a lush, deep, jazz-ladened track in 'Bel Air', joins Felipe on the deeper side.
Side B is a more Disco heavy affair with Edit-hero and Monologues Records' G. Markus delivering 'Cherchez Le G' a driving track highlighted with irresistible female vocals.
Plus Moment Cinetique welcomes it's first producer from it's hometown of Sheffield in Reece Johnson. The infectious Acid-Disco of 'Montreux' carries on from his huge success in 2018 when his track 'Neyt Life' on Lumberjacks in Hell was supported by some of the biggest names in House.
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No Money In House
No Money In House (140 gram vinyl double 12")
Cat: 124R 015. Rel: 06 May 19
Deep House
  1. Ortella - "She's On Fire" (feat François A)
  2. Chocky - "Lower Synth"
  3. Rotty - "Secrets"
  4. Heat Alliance - "Got The Groove"
  5. Reece Johnson - "I Like The Way You"
  6. Lu York - "C'mon & Dance"
  7. Chris Fry - "Can't Stop"
  8. Andy Buchan - "Eighty Four"
Review: After the fantastic Levels EP various artists release last year, 124 Recordings are back with another weighty double pack of sure shot house music done the right way. No Money In House kicks off with Ortella and Francois A's diva laden "She's On Fire," which is as soulful as it is tough. Chocky's "Lower Synth" is a more mellow, reflective affair, Rotty's "Secrets" is a sprightly garage bumper and Heat Alliance bring a hard-jacking style to the B2 burner "Got The Groove" - and that's just the first 12". For anyone who loves deep house delivered in a classic way, this eight-track beast has everything you need.
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Reece Johnson
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