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Project E

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Cat: MERC 012. Rel: 02 Oct 12
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Megacity
  2. Mozaic
  3. Nightbeat
Review: The Megacity EP is apparently the first of several collaborations between Mark E and keyboardist Nat Woodcock under the Project E banner due over the coming months on the former's Merc imprint. This new project sees a change in direction for Merc away from the sample based (and very successful) releases from ED, Quaid et al and towards a professed "strange cosmic territory". In truth, those distinctive Mark E hallmarks are very much still present across the three tracks here and it's all still resolutely deep house; weighty grooves and slow burning arrangement progression - only now they are complemented by the nimble key playing of Woodcock. This is perhaps most evident on the smeared Utopian vibes of the brilliant "Mosaic".
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Kinks (12")
Cat: MERC 014. Rel: 15 Jan 13
Deep House
  1. Kinks
  2. Boy In The Straw Hat
  3. Umbrella Creature
Review: Mark E's burgeoning understanding with keyboardist Nat Woodcock inspires a second release under the Project E banner in the shape of the three track Kinks EP, released on his own Merc imprint once again. Anyone who checked the debut release will know Project E comes imbued with a cosmic wanderlust, and this is most evident here on the soaring synth work that drives "Umbrella Creature". With humming pads, tender arpeggios and effervescent bleeps there's plenty of eyes closed transcendence to be enjoyed with that particular track, while the title number opts for a more seductive late night tone offset by the oddball vocal mantra from quaint English vocalist Greg Bird. "Boy In The Straw Hat" sits more in nagging Detroit house vein, full of roughly hewn drums and blue-note keys that would sit comfortably alongside Omar-S in a more mellow frame of mind.
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Project E
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