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Phon O

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Cat: BPC 326. Rel: 18 Jul 16
Deep House
  1. Run (6:31)
  2. Brooklyn Shuffle (5:06)
  3. Fractions (6:22)
Review: Carsten Aermes, aka Phon O, made a name for himself via the 50 Weapons label in more recent years, and it's now time for him deliver the goods for Ellen Allien's BPitch Control, one of Berlin's finest house and techno stables. "Run" is more energetic and upbeat compared to a lot of other BPitch releases, bringing through a soaring melodic groove and a high-powered techno rattle into the mix, whereas "Booklyn Shuffle" is a futuristic sort of jungle abstraction featuring a 4/4 beat down in its underbelly. The title track "Fractions" goes for a more house-centric approach, but Phon O still manages to retain his distinctiveness thanks to a jam-packed groove full of bass exploration and subtle jungle infusions.
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Played by: DJ 3000
 in stock $7.49
Schutt Und Asche EP (12" in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: COLDR 011. Rel: 07 Nov 17
  1. CLU5T3R (5:46)
  2. V3R5U5 (4:49)
  3. H4NDCUFF3D (4:28)
Played by: Jerome Hill
 in stock $9.38
Tw33tz (12")
Cat: 50WEAPONS 041. Rel: 01 Dec 15
  1. Phon.O - "Tw33tz" (6:23)
  2. Paula Temple - "Oscillate" (5:29)
Review: Aside from the splurge of sublime releases for the likes of Detroit Underground, Cytrax, and Shitkatapult, Phon O has been at the forefront of 50 Weapons' output, as of late. This time he shares a 12" for the same label alongisde R&S' Paula Temple, and the pair lay down their skills, respectively. Phon O takes the A side, and his "TW33tz" is a perfect hybrid tune, a visceral mix of house and breakeat; in respect of the latter, it's the infusions of subtle breaks and stuttering melodies that remind us of peeps such as Plump Dj's. Temple, instead, comes across ruder and more aggressive with "Oscillate", a techno mutant that verges onto acid-ridden electro. All in all, they're heavy and abrasive - check 'em!
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Played by: Tale Of Us, Mathame
 in stock $8.21
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Phon O
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