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Tags: African | Afro House | Dub
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Principia (12")
Cat: GHR 000. Rel: 29 Apr 21
Hip Hop/R&B
ALTZ P - "Everybody Loves The Sunshine" (5:59)
Peter Power - "Golden Ripples" (5:23)
Ground - "Nigihayahi" (7:00)
Review: New Japanese label Grunge House Records featuring Japanese artist Altz cover of Everybody Loves the Sunshine, Peter Power (Multi Culti/ Invisible, Inc.) mysterious ambient tune, and a polyrhythmic tribal dub techno cut with a motif of Japanese mythology by Ground (ESP Institute / Chillmountain).
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 in stock $14.88
New Dance Energy
New Dance Energy (limited 180 gram "raw" vinyl LP)
Cat: LPSHSH 062C. Rel: 04 Jan 24
Down To Earth (4:37)
Rubble Dance (3:43)
Amma (4:09)
Reel Jiggy (4:54)
Rain Dance (3:35)
Folk Broke Woke Banger (2:54)
We Are The Weather (feat Lau) (5:30)
Review: Peter Power invites listeners deep into his unique world of rich soundscapes and potent grooves, hypnotic vocals and glitchy beats topped with fine melodies on his new album New Dance Energy. The innovative downtempo talent has a truly global musical perspective and finds inspiration in "organic motion and the alchemical forces of nature." He plays many instruments on the record and for this first dancefloor orientated sound in five years he also brings ecstatic dance forms and the spirit of cacao dance ceremonies to his work.
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 in stock $23.40
Afro Damba
Cat: MC 033. Rel: 28 Jun 17
Adama Waro (7:44)
Adama Waro (Khidja dub) (9:18)
Mori Baka (5:17)
Dansakoni (6:20)
Dansakoni (Dreems remix) (7:18)
Review: Irishman Peter Power has become quite a well known figure in Berlin since moving there several years ago and has been one of the figures behind some of the city's now legendary haunts like Kleine Reise (RIP) and the successful Loftus Hall/Bertrams: which has had a great run thus far too. Now the man behind the Ufordia imprint returns with his second outing on Thomas Von Party's Multi Culti, which itself has also made the move to the German capital. Power delves deep into the exotic here, borrowing heavily from African music and getting very atmospheric and esoteric in the process. The life affirming raindance of "Adama Waro" (original mix) is certainly geared for some moments of truth on the dancefloor. Equally spiritual is the traditional percussion based journey of "Mori Baka" (original mix). There's some great remixes by label manager Dreems and Bucharest duo Khidja: the latter's contributions which shine the most, particularly on their balearica infused/Second Summer of Love sounding remix of "Dansakoni".
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Tags: Dub | African | Afro House
 in stock $13.30
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