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STONETAPES 001 (12" + insert in hand-stamped sleeve)
Cat: STONETAPES 001. Rel: 04 Dec 18
  1. Karim Maas - "Removal Of DECC" (8:01)
  2. Pessimist - "Ultranova" (5:48)
  3. Overlook - "Purr" (5:59)
  4. Talker - "Cross Purposes" (4:37)
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Public Image (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: UVB 76012. Rel: 06 Nov 18
  1. Deja Vu (4:22)
  2. There Was Truth & There Was Untruth (6:05)
  3. The Totem That Guides Us (6:56)
  4. Public Image (7:31)
Review: Currently flipping between Osiris and UVB-76, Overlook continues his stark, dark vein of form this year with another immersive four track excursion. Gradually building in momentum and pressure we're taken from the largely beatless warping scapes of "Deja Vu" to the noxious notes, tribal textures and metallic sirens of the EP title track "Public Image". In between we have the cathedral echoes and percussive drama of "There Was Truth & There Was Untruth" and the intense technoid break "The Totem That Guides Us". Each one easing us into the next, it's yet another singular trip from one of bass music's most consistent and innovative artists.
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Cat: OSMUK 054EP. Rel: 04 Sep 18
Drum And Bass
  1. Overlook - "Former Self" (7:59)
  2. Pessimist - "Indigo" (5:35)
  3. Monic - "Stampede" (6:20)
  4. Monic & Grebenstein - "Cutting The Ties That Bind" (7:31)
Review: Following Overlook's EP on the label this spring, the young UK experimenter returns with a whole gang of Osiris affiliates. He takes the lead with the airy tribal soul of "Former Self" before we're hurled deep into the humanised pads and creeping arpeggios of Pessimist's swampy subs on "Indigo". Flip for two slices of Monic; first a physical percussive trip in the form of "Stampede", then a much more sedate, exploratory and introspective experiment with Grebenstein for a far out finale.
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 in stock $10.18
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