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Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases by Oltrefuturo
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Echinopsis EP
Cat: HOB 009. Rel: 07 Jul 23
Echinopsis (7:21)
Cheetah Fire (5:59)
Echinopsis (Tolouse Low Trax remix) (5:43)
Ashtray Lips (6:26)
Ashtray Lips (Odon remix) (4:56)
 in stock $23.28
Cult Edits 008
Cat: CULTED 008. Rel: 05 Jul 23
Deep House
Mario Bianco - "Gwada" (8:47)
Tomoo Hata - "Budailion" (5:19)
Roe Deers - "Colorita" (5:15)
Radial Gaze - "Cognate Unika" (5:49)
A-Tweed & Oltrefuturo - "Fyah" (5:40)
Review: Cult Edits are specialists in pushing a certain kind of heater, working in a mode landing something between edit and original. Six producers - Mario Bianco, Tomoo Hata, Roe Deers, Radial Gaze, A Tweed and Oltrefuturo - lay down a blend of sampledelic, ecstatic, multi-tempo'd tribal moods. Channelling everything from chic Tulum rituals to the brutalism of Eastern-European underground clubs, and rounded off by doses of Italian rasta and Japanese re-imagining of Hungarian folk song, all come to the label's exquisite brand of mandala-esque vinyl.
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 in stock $15.35
Cult Edits 009
Cat: CULTED 009. Rel: 04 Jun 24
Minimal/Tech House
Simple Symmetry - "Future Is Nature" (6:16)
Thomass Jackson - "Whirly" (6:41)
Thomas Von Party & Oltrefuturo - "Kookoo" (5:48)
Orchid - "Jaga Jaga" (5:55)
Ayala - "Mantrico Tool" (7:05)
Review: CULTED return in trademark force with five wild psych-bangers from luminaries Simple Symmetry, Thomass Jackson, Orchid, Ayala, and Multi Culti boss Thomas Von Party teamed up with Oltrefuturo. A sense of weirdness exudes from these tunes, refusing the common pitfalls of twee chord progressions or underproduction hidden behind rawness; these ones are as high-qual, watery, poured-over as can be, yet also bring with them a real sense of exploration and eccentricity of mood. The utmost case in point is Thomas Van Party & Oltrefuturo's 'Kookoo', a chugging machine-elven carnival of doffed conical hats and gated cute vocals.
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 in stock $14.29
Items 1 to 3 of 3 on page 1 of 1
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