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ODEN & FATZO Vinyl & CDs

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Invasion (12")
Cat: UG 004. Rel: 12 Jun 20
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Feel The Jam - "UK Breakfist" (5:45)
  2. Keraw - "Keutra" (7:24)
  3. Oden & Fatzo - "Titontesttu" (5:53)
  4. Herr Krank - "Fight Your Fears" (6:13)
Review: Lyon might be known as the gastronomical capital of France, but the Undergroove label is doing a fine job of putting the city on the radar of tech house fans. This fourth release is another futuristic trip that kicks off with the punchy drum programming but squelchy synths of Feel the Jam's "UK Breakfast." Keraw gets you in a spin with the quickened and sleek grooves of his "Keutra" then Oden & Fatzo combine to triumphant effect on the high speed tech funk cut that is "Titontesttu" with its gorgeously freeform bassline taking centre stage. Herr Krank's "Fight Your Fears" closes out the adventure with an ever rising acid line that eventually leads to intergalactic tech house lift off. You best strap in!
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 in stock $12.96
Lauren (yellow vinyl 12")
Cat: LAU 1201. Rel: 05 Apr 22
Deep House
  1. Lauren (extended) (6:38)
  2. Lauren (instrumental) (6:37)
 in stock $14.22
Lauren (12")
Cat: LAU 1201TP. Rel: 15 Mar 22
Deep House
  1. Lauren (extended) (6:38)
  2. Lauren (instrumental) (6:37)
Review: Techy funk As and Bs from dream trio Oden & Fatzo, who finally press their hit house bit 'Lauren' to 12" wax. This 'accidental hit' came about when the bass sample, taken from a song by indie band Men I Trust, was lifted and plonked against a slapping house beat and backing strings. The resulting tune, which exploded in popularity in 2020, was a bittersweet ode to the dance in a time when no-one could think or begin to do so. Now, the instrumental occupies the B, taking up all the funking wax space it deserves.

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 in stock $14.22
Marvel House
Cat: RUTI 025.
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Marvel House
  2. Call The Doctor
  3. Marvel House (Gunnter remix)
  4. Call The Doctor (DJ Steaw remix)
Rutilance Recordings move fast with their releases, but not so fast that they're able to bypass our critical floodgates. Thankfully for them, we like this new one. Label residents Oden, Fatzo and Thurman here deliver two garage house cuts sure to fire up the deep ends of dancefloors; assuming they're not swimming pools anymore! We're drowning in heat, as 'Marvel House' causes us to marvel in awe at the house chops on display. 'Call The Doctor', meanwhile, leans far further into the jackin' end of things, remaining bloopy, vocal sciencey, and a delicious. Spicy tech house from this lot.
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