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Emotional Damage
Cat: ITGR 015. Rel: 02 Feb 24
Electro House
Emotional Damage (6:22)
Vocoder DIT (5:25)
Emotional Damage (Tiago Walter remix) (7:01)
Mindset (6:07)
Review: Parisian label Increase The Groove are flying the flag for electro house that's fun as hell, so don't be put off by the title of this new collab from Alyhas and Occibel. Emotional Damage is a misnomer for the infectious joy bursting from this four-strong release, whether it's the title track with its monster boogie licks, Italo arps and catchy vocoder or the underwater pop swirl of 'Vocoder DIT'. Tiago Walter is on hand to remix 'Emotional Damage' into an artfully pumping version for the peak time and then 'Mindset' completes the picture with another cybernetic trip through ear-snagging hooks and playful FX.
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Tags: Tech House
 in stock $17.79
Chat Noir Tools All Stars Vol 1
Chat Noir Tools All Stars Vol 1 (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: CNT 007. Rel: 26 Sep 22
Minimal/Tech House
Occibel - "Opale" (6:36)
Vitess - "AB Road" (5:59)
Sunaas - "Off World" (5:56)
Noiro - "Bikini Bottom" (7:27)
Jo'z - "Analyzing" (5:46)
Review: It's brave to call your label, and your new series, 'Tools,' but in the case of French label Chat Noir there is more than enough style to the tunes to elevate them above mere fodder. This various artist collection kicks off with Occibel's 'Opale' which is bathed in balmy pads with tight, clipped tech-funk drum work. Vitess then offers the heavy and heady synth panning of 'AB Road' which is a twitchy cosmic cut that operates at high speed and Sunaas slows things down to a funky downbeat workout on 'Off World.' There is 90s tech from Noiro and space breaks on Jo'Z's 'Analyzing' on the flip.
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 in stock $15.66
Huguette's Birthday
Cat: RLD 002. Rel: 01 Mar 24
Roulade 3000 - "C'est Party" (6:50)
Occibel - "Give 'Em Some Rest" (6:42)
Hearthug - "Psycho Killa" (Wah-Wah mix) (6:49)
Wooka - "Going Deeper" (6:06)
Review: The Roulade label is doing things right - not only is the music they are serving up superb, but so to do this second 12" comes with great and original artwork. Its neon glow and diffuse light capture the vibes of the synths on the opening cut 'C'est Party' perfectly. It's a melodically rich tech house cut with rubbery bass and great spoken words from a world disco dancing competition. Occibel's 'Give 'Em Some Rest' is busy and dense with whirring sci-fi synths, funky Prince riffs, thudding house beats and plenty of colour. Add in two more equally vibrant and characterful cuts from Hearthug and Wooka on the flip and you have one of the most unique EPs we've heard in some time.
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 in stock $16.19
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