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Cat: STILLEBEN 052. Rel: 17 Jan 19
  1. Das Muster - "Sinnestauschung" (3:10)
  2. IXRQ - "Robotic Nature" (5:57)
  3. Eargoggle & Obergman - "Macho Macho" (6:31)
  4. Suiciders - "Trainwreck" (6:09)
Review: Stilleben's latest EP is a no-holds-barred, all-action affair that gathers together previously unheard cuts from a quintet of label associates. Boss man Luke Eargoggle is naturally involved, with his hook-up with Swedish veteran Ola Bergman - the angular analogue bass, Italo-disco influenced grooves and shimmering chords of "Macho Macho" - being amongst the EP's many highlights. You'll find more razor-sharp, mind-altering robo-bass propelling Das Muster's brilliant opener "Sinnestauschung" towards the electro stratosphere, while IXRQ's "Robotic Nature" brilliantly combines ghostly, crystalline synthesizer melodies with a suitably dirty, club-ready electro groove. The most intense and sweaty cut of the lot, though, is Suicider's suitably dystopian and psychedelic closing cut "Trainwreck".
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Code Two (12")
Cat: PROPAGANDAM 007. Rel: 19 Oct 18
  1. Ekman - "The Synth Who Sleeps" (5:16)
  2. Ekman - "Operation Basswood" (6:05)
  3. Obergman - "Blineone" (7:37)
  4. Obergman - "Manifold" (4:02)
Played by: Nihad Tule
 in stock $9.12
Cyclic Multiverse (limited LP)
Cat: AFS 017. Rel: 13 Mar 14
  1. Cyclic Multiverse
  2. Regelverk
  3. Convex Mirrors
  4. Alkaid
  5. Radio Anstalt
  6. Haunting Numbers
  7. Mono/ Polygamy
  8. August 8
Review: Swedish electro purist Obergman delivers an extensive EP that's so generous you'd think it was a full album... Minimal, undiluted data funk: each of the cuts on here are as sharp as an 80s haircut. Ranging from slo-mo discordance and angular reflectiveness of "Regerlverk" to the dancefloor primed Radioactiveman style jitter-funk "Radio Anstalt" via the syncopated ice boogie of "Haunting Numbers" Obergman has squeezed an exciting array of life forms and narratives from his analogue kit. Stunning.
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SVEMIR 002 (12")
Cat: SVEMIR 002. Rel: 05 Jul 18
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Olvap - "APC023" (6:57)
  2. Lock Eyes - "1929 Lifefolder" (5:24)
  3. Obergman - "Obahn" (7:03)
  4. Perseus Traxx - "Jupiter" (6:30)
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Mission (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: BAREC 006. Rel: 19 Nov 18
  1. -=UHU=- & Kan3da & Luke Eargoggle - "Vision Mission" (5:02)
  2. -=UHU=- & Rondo & Luke Eargoggle - "Uncode" (93 remix) (3:32)
  3. -=UHU=- - "Science Out Of Silence" (4:48)
  4. -=UHU=- - "Uncode" (4:22)
  5. -=UHU=- - "What Is Electro" (4:17)
  6. Obergman & Luke Eargoggle - "Press Play" (3:49)
Review: Blind Allies have been steadily amassing an impressive catalogue of various artists 12"s that plumb the depths of dirty, underground electro with a particular focus on their native Latvia. On this sixth installment the star of the show is -=UHU=-, a long serving electro warrior who has appeared on Body Control and International Deejay Gigolo Records in the past. There's plenty of collaborations, including partnerships with Kan3da and Luke Eargoggle, as well as solo -=UHU=- tracks, while Obergman and Eargoggle also team up for a tune. All in all, this is serious, gutter dwelling machine funk from a heavyweight cast that demands the attention of all discerning beat freaks.
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