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Cat: TMR 437. Rel: 19 Jan 18
  1. Broken Necks (3:39)
  2. Alone At The Party (2:08)
 in stock $6.35
Cat: BEC 5156344. Rel: 23 Jun 16
  1. L'Odeur Du Coton
  2. La Riviere
  3. Repeter/Disparaitre
  4. My Heart Belongs To You
  5. Plonge Dans L'Eau
  6. Mon Echo
  7. Bebi
  8. On The Run
  9. Un Torrent, La Boue
  10. A Kiss
$16.85 SAVE 35%
 in stock $10.95
Kantamoinen (2xLP)
Cat: BKEDIT 013. Rel: 04 Jul 16
  1. Galaksit/Galaxies (3:21)
  2. Miekkakala/Swordfish (6:24)
  3. Antenni-muurahais/Antenna-ant (1:32)
  4. Nakinkengat/Shells (4:04)
  5. Aanikuva/Sound Picture (5:26)
  6. Kertomus Kaukomailta/Tale From Farawaylands (4:44)
  7. Aallonmurtaja/Breakwave (2:01)
  8. Talven Henki/Winter Spirit (3:26)
  9. Poseidon (6:59)
  10. Monneista Viimeinen/Last Of Catfishes (3:33)
  11. Aurinkokala/Sunfish (2:00)
  12. Tuulessa/In Wind (3:36)
  13. Kesamaa/Summerland (2:27)
  14. Yohalla/Night Frost (7:32)
  15. Ensimmainen Valo/First Light (6:12)
  16. Kotiin/To Home (3:08)
Review: Although the finished product of Kantamoinen was officially released on Sahko back in 2005, Mika Vainio produced these tracks under the O moniker between 1999 and 2004. The music was recorded between Barcelona, Vienna and Berlin, but the sound is very much Vainio's own Finnish strain of noisy ambient. Boomkat has done us a real favour with this vinyl reissue, an album that has been on our wishlist for a long time and one that has pretty much single-handedly constructed the contemporary leftfield sound. That's because nothing is certain on this LP, no sounds are concrete or stable, but rather continuously morphing and evolving into otherworldly shapes. It's not really ambient, it's too delicate for noise, and it definitely isn't techno. It sits somewhere in between, in the vast and cavernous ocean that only Mika Vainio knows how to stir up. Highly recommended.
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 in stock $21.82
Cat: TOKEN 80. Rel: 16 Mar 18
  1. Search Party (7:15)
  2. Microdose (4:39)
  3. Boundary Interactions (17:39)
Played by: Ben Sims
 in stock $9.67
Gorille 03 (12")
Cat: DMGO 03. Rel: 01 Dec 17
  1. PR Fabio Vs Headcircus - "La Derniere Larme" (6:15)
  2. O - "Monday Morning Fever" (6:50)
  3. DJ Tsx - "Waking From Oblivion" (5:18)
  4. Autistic Ghost - "Industrial Energy" (5:44)
 in stock $11.04
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