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Michel Legrand

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I Love Paris/Bonjour Paris (gatefold heavyweight vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: VP 80787. Rel: 08 Aug 18
  1. I Love Paris (2:32)
  2. Mademoiselle De Paris (2:28)
  3. Paris (4:29)
  4. Autumn Leaves (Les Feuilles Mortes) (1:57)
  5. Under The Bridges Of Paris (Sous Les Ponts De Paris) (2:12)
  6. La Seine (2:16)
  7. Paris In The Spring (1:58)
  8. Paris Canaille (2:12)
  9. April In Paris (3:43)
  10. A Paris (2:04)
  11. La Vie En Rose (2:23)
  12. Under Paris Skies (Sous Le Ciel De Paris) (2:18)
  13. Paris Je T'Aime (Paris, Stay The Same) (1:36)
  14. The Song From Moulin Rouge (3:38)
  15. The Last Time I Saw Paris (2:46)
  16. I Love Paris (reprise) (1:00)
  17. Sur Le Pave De Paris (Pavements Of Paris) (bonus track) (3:43)
  18. Bonjour Paris (Hello Paris) (5:30)
  19. The Poor People Of Paris (Le Goualante Du Pauvre Jean) (2:53)
  20. Two Loves Have I (J'ai Deux Amours) (1:55)
  21. Hymn To Love (Hymm A L'amour) (2:21)
  22. A Paris Dans Chaque Faubourg (In Every Suburb Of Paris) (3:19)
  23. The Portuguese Washerwomen (Les Lavandieres Du Portugal) (2:20)
  24. French Can-Can (Quadrille De La Vie Parisienne) (1:29)
  25. La Mer (Beyond The Sea) (4:57)
  26. The Left Bank (C'est A Hambourg) (2:34)
  27. My Man (Mon Homme) (4:37)
  28. Parlez-moi D'amour (Speak To Me Of Love) (2:27)
  29. Le Guinche (2:27)
  30. Bonjour Paris (Hello Paris) (reprise) (1:20)
  31. Pigalle (bonus track) (2:20)
Review: Michel Legrand's first homage to the capital was I Love Paris in 1954, which became a bestseller in the US, sparking a trend towards albums of music from the 'continent'. It is a musical portrait of the Paris of the '50s. Legrand combines 16 songs (LP-1) into a kind of suite, starting with church bells ringing on a square and a musical round trip through the city. His orchestra is in good shape while working on French music favourites, such as Edith Piaf's "La Vie En Rose" and "Hymn to Love" and Charles Trenet's "La Mer". The real highlights come when Legrand becomes postmodern with "The Poor People of Paris" performances and the Nat 'King' Cole classic 'Two Loves Have I".
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 in stock $20.77
  1. Michel Legrand - "Chanson Des Jumelles" (3:57)
  2. Lill Lindfors - "Teresa" (3:31)
  3. Monica Zetterlund - "Speak Low" (3:06)
  4. Alain Romans - "Quel Temps Fait Il A Paris?" (2:15)
 in stock $22.90
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Michel Legrand
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