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Martin Buttrich

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Cat: PLE-65330. Rel: 09 Apr 11
  1. Full Clip (original)
  2. Full Clip (Kirk Degiorgio Remix)
Review: Carl Craig's Planet E, currently celebrating 20 years in existence, needs no introduction. It's solid, classy, well thought out and boasts an artist roster that'll make your jaw drop. Here we see label stalwart Martin Buttrich's 2006 jam "Full Clip" re-issued with a Kirk Degiorgio remix. Ferociously pumping yet refined, Buttrich has hit the spot with this. A symphonic and forward thinking blend of drama and techno solidity invade as the track delves in and out of build ups and breaks that are enough to drive any floor crazy. Degiorgio's remix is an equally bold statement, not a touch on Buttrich's original but a worthy addition none the less.
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Cat: FUSE 033. Rel: 04 Oct 18
  1. Dangerman (8:13)
  2. Lifted Spirits (6:21)
  3. Apache (8:04)
Review: Enzo Siragusa is no stranger to collaboration, having previously released studio hook-ups with the likes of Alexkid, Subb-An, Nima Gorji, Archie Hamilton and Seb Zito. Here German veteran Martin Buttrich joins the London-based FUSE regular for a tasty three-track hoedown. They hit the ground running on A-side "Dangerman", a formidably funk-fuelled chunk of bouncy tech-house rich in trippy minimalist vocal samples and undulating TB-303 bass. Flip the record and you're greeted with "Lifted Spirits", where meandering choral style vocals and razor-sharp acid lines dance across a foreboding groove, before Siragusa and Buttrich round off proceedings with the heavy, feverish Afro-house/tech-house fusion of fine EP closer "Apache". Get on it (the record, we mean).
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 in stock $9.36
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Martin Buttrich
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