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Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases by Mark Knight
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Untold Business
Cat: TOOL 1042. Rel: 12 Oct 21
Funky/Club House
Mark Knight & Beverley Knight - "Everything's Gonna Be Alright" (feat London Community Gospel Choir) (3:36)
Bit By Bit (feat Chenai) (4:08)
Feel The Pressure (feat Shingai) (4:48)
Mark Knight & Michael Gray - "Love Is All We're Living For" (feat Gia) (4:01)
You Saw Me (feat Damon Trueitt) (3:22)
It's A Wonder (feat Alex Mills) (4:47)
10,000 (feat Clementine Douglas) (4:21)
Untold Business (feat Gene Farris & Jafunk) (4:00)
Mark Knight & James F Reynolds - "Fire Burning" (feat Mike City) (4:14)
Mark Knight & D Ramirez - "Pass It Up" (feat Robert Owens) (3:46)
Mark Knight & Rene Amesz - "All 4 Love" (feat Tasty Lopez) (3:26)
If It's Love (feat Laura Davie & Melody Men) (3:40)
Tonight (feat Chenai & Mr V) (3:21)
 in stock $20.33
Toolroom Sampler Vol 4
Cat: TOOL 1140. Rel: 07 Mar 23
Deep House
Mark Knight, Armand Van Helden - "The Music Began To Play" (5:05)
Julio Navas, Gustavo Bravetti, David Amo - "Raw" (Tony Romera extended mix) (5:05)
Majestic - "Annie" (7:12)
Alex Preston - "Hunching" (5:37)
Review: Ultra-sidechained French house stylee from Toolroom, here presenting the latest instalment in what has so far been a choice V/A collection of the best future house and deep house bits known to the label. This is a front-facing affair, with megastars such as Armand Van Helden, Mark Knight and Julio Navas fronting the A-side with the string-centric euphorizer 'The Music Began To Play' and the popcorny, momentarily arhythmic stabber 'Raw'.
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 in stock $15.31
Toolroom Sampler Vol 5
Cat: TOOL 1150. Rel: 20 Jun 23
Deep House
Mark Knight & Crusy - "Daddy Shhh" (6:06)
Huxley - "All I Need" (5:25)
Essel - "Lennon" (5:17)
Leftwing: Kody, James Hurr & I Jah - "Music Is The Medication" (4:58)
Review: The mighty and unmovable Toolroom offers up a snapshot of where it is at right now with a fifth volume of its Sampler series. The boss himself Mark Knight kicks off with a collaborative tune with Crusy: 'Daddy Shhh' is loopy, tribal, full flavour tech with jumbled drums and lots of buffed metal. Huxley's 'All I Need' is one of the UK producers warm house sounds, a smart vocal brings a sense of pain over simple but effective beats. Essel's 'Lennon' then brings peak time energy with strobe-lit synth sequences and churning drums, and Leftwing: Kody, James Hurr & I Jah shut down with 'Music Is The Medication', a muscular bumper with dub-wise vocals.
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 in stock $15.31
Man With The Red Face: Anniversary remixes
Cat: TOOL 25001V. Rel: 21 Mar 23
Deep House
Man With The Red Face (10:00)
Man With The Red Face (Hardwell remix) (6:08)
Man With The Red Face (ATFC When The Lights Go Up remix) (8:14)
Man With The Red Face (Rene Amesz remix) (7:43)
Review: Ready your arms and ears for an injection of nostalgia from Mark Knight and Funkagenda. These two longstanding artists tear the house down with their reimagining of the classic track by French maestro Laurent Garnier - clearly, the original is by now a house music standard, to the extent that Garnier isn't even obviously credited on the release here. It just goes without saying. Knight and Funkagenda's 'cover' here is neatly chiptuney, emphasising the bare bones of the composition, while their networking abilities see to further remixes of the cover by ATFC, Rene Amesz, and - hilariously - Hardwell. A varied remix EP spanning EDM, deep tech and nu-disco.
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Played by: DJ Mau Mau
 in stock $15.31
The Greatest Thing Alive
Cat: TOOL 1213. Rel: 13 Feb 24
Deep House
Greatest Thing Alive (6:08)
Lady (Hear Me Tonight) (6:29)
Review: Toolroom head honcho Mark Knight has pulled out all the stops here and joined forces with some of house music's biggest names. His ow-slung new tune 'The Greatest Thing Alive' is a collab with the one and only Chicago don Green velvet plus James Hurr and it has already made an impact on global dancefloors since its digital release in October last year. Between these talents they all dig deep and cook up something perfectly chunky and detailed with fresh percussion. It's the sort of tune that will blow up in Miami and has the addition of Green Velvet's take on the classic 'Mannish Boy' from Muddy Waters.
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 in stock $15.58
Toolroom Sampler Vol 9
Cat: TOOL 1200. Rel: 29 Nov 23
Minimal/Tech House
Mark Knight, Green Velvet & Rene Amesz - "Live Stream" (Noizu remix) (5:17)
Adrian Hour - "Hear What They Hear" (Danny Howard re-edit) (7:10)
Watermat & Raumakustik - "Out Of My Head" (5:09)
Deeper Purpose - "The Stutter" (5:50)
Review: Toolroom is now one of those house labels that sits at the top table wit the likes of Nervous and Spinnin. It has turned out big room sounds for many years and made label founder Mark Knight a star in the process. Here he has put together an eighth volume of the sampler series that showcases what the imprint is all about and his own track with Green Velvet and Rene Amesz is a highlight with its dark, sleazy grind and tech house funk sure to lock in the club. Elsewhere Danny Howard offers up an extended re-edit of Adrian Hour's 'Hear What They Hear' and on the flip is the bulky 'Out of My Head' by Watermat & Raumakustik and a tense trip courtesy of Deeper Purpose's 'The Stutter.'
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Tags: Tech House
 in stock $15.31
Toolroom Sampler Vol 2
Cat: TOOL 1120. Rel: 17 Jan 23
Deep House
Mark Knight & James Hurr - "You Are A God" (feat Cari Golden) (6:16)
Qubiko - "Talking To Myself" (5:44)
Leftwing : Kody - "Mallet" (6:34)
ESSEL - "Try" (5:27)
Review: Toolroom Records are partly responsible for the recent upsurge in jackin' deep house in the early 2020's; this sampler record, the second in their compilations EP series, serves as yet another tour of their grand new deep house estate. Delusions of grandeur are expressed on 'You Are A God' - which, for a track so deitylike, measures itself with rather a lot of restraint - while 'Talking To Myself' contains a vocal sample that is so mouthy and infectious that we really are beginning to believe ourselves to have been possessed by Metatron. 'Mallet' swerves into tribal territory, while ESSEL's 'Try' could be a contender for dance-chart-topper, assuming its piano weaponry is effective enough at swaying the radio pluggers. Joyous stuff.
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! low stock $15.31
All 4 Love
Cat: TOOL 960. Rel: 26 Jan 21
Deep House
All 4 Love (extended mix) (6:33)
All 4 Love (Danny Howard remix) (6:40)
All 4 Love (instrumental mix) (6:33)
Review: Uk label Toolroom has become one of the most prominent in the world and a real entry point into dance music for younger ears. Mark Knight has worked tirelessly to make that happen and now he's been busy in the studio cooking up a cross over hit with horns desired to be heard on the most sun kissed dance floor's this summer. It's got plenty of well known samples, rolling drum beats and diva vocals that will have you emptying your lungs. The Danny Howard remix is a little more tense and late night for when the sun drops and things get more heads down.
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 in stock $15.31
Fool's Paradise Sampler Vol 1
Cat: FP 001. Rel: 30 Jan 24
Mark Knight, Sgt Slick, Beverly Knight - "I Wanna Be Your Lover" (5:45)
Opolopo, Jaki Graham - "Fire" (6:07)
Review: Fool's Paradise is the exciting new label from Toolroom Records' Mark Knight. Coming straight from the heart, it's a natural progression from his hugely acclaimed 2021 album release, 'Untold Business', which saw Mark go back to his roots, paying homage to the more funky, soulful, and vocal house from the 1990s from where he came. With a focus on real instrumentation and production, coupled with great songwriting, this new Toolroom sublabel will be a platform for high quality house music designed to stand the test of time. Launching the new label with a mighty bang and delivering the first in our exciting new vinyl sampler series is head honcho Mark Knight, who joins forces with his Australian Toolroom labelmate, Sgt Slick, and British Soul sensation, Beverley Knight, on a dynamite cover of Prince's 1979 classic, 'I Wanna Be Your Lover'. Respectfully transporting the song onto today's dancefloors, Mark & Sgt Slick deliver a classy uplifting soulful house production, loaded with funky guitars, warm pads and sublime key performances. Adding the icing on the cake and putting her own stamp on things, Beverley belts out one of her signature spine-tingling vocals, garnished with lush harmonies and BV's that would indeed make The Purple One proud. Completing the vinyl package is dance music stalwart, Opolopo, and British soul icon, Jaki Graham, whom together bring the dancefloor heat with their new single, 'Fire'. Powered by a potent soulful house groove from Opolopo, loaded with warm piano hooks, emotive synth melodies and a sublime popping bass hook, 'Fire' see's Jaki flaunt her electrifying vocal talents with a show-stopping performance on this irresistibly catchy song.
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 in stock $15.58
Toolroom Sampler Vol 6
Cat: TOOL 1174. Rel: 08 Aug 23
Funky/Club House
Mark Knight, Todd Terry, James Hurr - "Make You Happy" (feat Darryl James, David Anthony) (4:59)
Eddie Thoneick - "Take It Back" (4:26)
Pete Griffiths - "Get Together" (feat Ebony Soul, Ann Nesby) (5:44)
Muzzaik, Stadiumx - "Echoes" (4:59)
Review: Toolroom is one of the biggest house labels in the age these days. Mark Knight's outlet is a go-to for the big room lovers and pool party crews of the world and it's easy to see why when you tune into his latest label sampler. It brings together the old and the new school with the piano laced, steely house pumper 'Make You Happy' from Mark Knight, Todd Terry and James Hurr kicking off. Eddie Thoneick's 'Take It Back' gets more down and dirty with a sleazy bassline, Pete Griffiths brings belting vocal house energy to 'Get Together' and Muzzaik and Stadiumx combine for the flashy and raved-up 'Echoes.'
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 in stock $15.31
This Brutal House
This Brutal House (custom shaped 12")
Cat: TOOL 1195. Rel: 19 Sep 23
Deep House
Nitro DeLuxe - "This Brutal House" (UK edit) (7:02)
Mark Knight & Nitro DeLuxe - "Brutal" (extended mix) (6:18)
Review: Toolroom founder Mark Knight lands back on his own imprint, updating one of house music's most influential records, 'Let's Get Brutal' by Nitro Deluxe, bringing it forward to floors in 2023 under the new title 'Brutal'. Following up his collaboration with NYC house legend Todd Terry on the label in March with 'Make You Happy', this reissue reminds us of the esteemed, originally Cutting Records-released classic - a track which later went on to be sampled by Kevin Saunderson (aka Good Life) in his equally impactful hit 'Big Fun'. The original - with its nonsensical "brutal with the millimetre" vocal sample, god knows where it's from, though seeming to effortless capture some inexorable facet of the German psyche - sounds as great as ever, though it also comes backed by a new extended remix from Knight on the B.
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Played by: Paul Starey
 in stock $18.23
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