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Marcello Napoletano

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Marcello Napoletano

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The Neroli EP
Cat: NERO 031. Rel: 12 May 16
Deep House
  1. Neroli Track (6:09)
  2. Raw Toy (6:19)
  3. Love Me (8:31)
  4. Innamorato (4:12)
Review: Since rising to prominence thanks to his association with Jamal Moss's Mathematics Recordings imprint, Marcello Napoletano has delivered memorable material for the likes of Gravity Graffiti and Berceuse Heroique. Here, he pops up on long-running Italian deep house and broken beat imprint Neroli. The real killer is opener "Neroli Track", a formidable analogue jack-track built around clattering machine percussion, crazed synth bass and off-kilter electronics. That said, there's plenty of tried-and-tested dancefloor fodder elsewhere on the EP, from the breezy, left-of-centre piano house jam "Love Me", to the dense tribal intensity of humid closer "Innamorato".
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The Space Voodoo
The Space Voodoo (double 12")
Cat: MATH 033. Rel: 04 Dec 09
Deep House
  1. The Space Voodoo (Celestral intro)
  2. The Calm B-4 The Storm (with Fancesco Schito aka IFM)
  3. Ottantotto
  4. LMBDA Blues (2 My Heroes remix)
  5. Expressions Of A Miles Man (Slowest Part 1)
  6. Mood Jane (Black Keys & White Dust remix)
  7. My Brothers Soul
  8. Music Is For The People
  9. I Hope That U Can Feel It
  10. Somewhere In The Galaxy (outro)
 in stock $16.62
Terra Arsa/Purple Grace
Terra Arsa/Purple Grace (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: GRA 001. Rel: 21 Mar 16
  1. Marcello Napoletano presents Ra Toth and The Brigante's Orchestra - "Terra Arsa"
  2. Richeart - "Purple Grace"
Review: Gravity Graffiti is reborn from the unknown space with this explosive split EP. Two jazz-influenced gems by Marcello Napoletano and Richeart through the roots of rhythm! On the A side the third chapter of Ra Toth's saga, after Mathematics and Berceuse Heroique, with a diabolic trance dance. Flip side for a killing-edge banger by the emerging producer Richeart, a new definition of Acid Jazz. Let the spirit move you! Supported by Jamal Moss, Funkineven, Soichi Terada, Raybone Jones, John Swing and Robert Crash.
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Music From Mathematics Vol 1
  1. Sir Katie - "Shout"
  2. Marcello Napoletano - "Space Voodoo"
  3. Olfryght - "A Hand In The Sky"
  4. IBM presents Violence FM - "2 Live & Die"
Played by: Ennio Styles, Ksoul, Snuffo
 in stock $12.54
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Marcello Napoletano
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