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Luther Vandross

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Cat: 888750 34342. Rel: 14 Nov 14
  1. Never Too Much
  2. Always & Forever
  3. Dance With My Father
  4. So Amazing
  5. Give Me The Reason
  6. Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now
  7. I Really Didn't Mean It
  8. Shine
  9. The Closer I Get To You (duet with Beyonce Knowles)
  10. Here & Now
  11. Your Secret Love
  12. Any Love
  13. A House Is Not A Home
  14. Power Of Love/Love Power
  15. Stop To Love
  16. Endless Love (duet with Mariah Carey)
  17. Love It, Love It (previously unreleased bonus track)
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Cat: 889853429011. Rel: 29 Jan 18
  1. Never Too Much (3:48)
  2. Sugar & Spice (I Found Me A Girl) (4:57)
  3. Don't You Know That? (3:57)
  4. I've Been Working (6:32)
  5. She's A Super Lady (5:04)
  6. You Stopped Loving Me (5:10)
  7. A House Is Not A Home (7:03)
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NYC Disco Part 1 (double 12")
Cat: NER 24405. Rel: 05 Jun 18
  1. Louie Vega - "Love Having You Around" (feat Rochelle Fleming & Barbara Tucker) (9:02)
  2. Bebe Winans - "He Promised Me" (feat Tobbi, Tommi & Kiandra Richardson - Louie Vega remix) (8:56)
  3. Luther Vandross - "Get Myself Together" (Louie Vega remix) (10:44)
  4. Louie Vega, Patrick Adams & Cloud Two - "Rebel Nation" (feat Anane) (8:51)
Review: Straight off the heat of his last ambitious collaborative opus Starring XVIII, Louie Vega returns with a remarkable disco album in collaboration with Nervous founder Michael Weiss. Inspired by the influential legacy of Sam Records, the album pays homage to the late 70s melting pot with originals, remakes and star appearances from the likes of Luther Vandross. Part 1 runs the gospel gamut with rich feelgood moments such as the First Choice cover "Love Having You Around" and the naughty undertones of Vandross's most upbeat cut in decades "Get Myself Together" and plenty more. And this is only the half of the story. Yet another unique, masterful body of work.
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 in stock $18.82
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Luther Vandross
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