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Labrinth Sia & Diplo Present LSD (limited splattered vinyl LP)
Cat: 190759 04821. Rel: 28 Jun 19
  1. Welcome To The Wonderful World Of (1:59)
  2. Angel In Your Eyes (3:03)
  3. Genius (3:37)
  4. Audio (3:21)
  5. Thunderclouds (3:08)
  6. Mountains (3:12)
  7. Know New Friends (2:55)
  8. Heaven Can Wait (3:14)
  9. It's Time (3:28)
  10. Genius (feat Lil Wayne - Lil Wayne remix) (2:41)
 in stock $19.56
Second Process (double 12")
Cat: LSD 001. Rel: 04 Jul 19
  1. Process 4 (7:16)
  2. Process 5 (5:44)
  3. Process 6 (10:33)
  4. Process 7 (7:53)
  5. Process 8 (6:14)
  6. Process 9 (4:54)
Review: LSD is the techno supergroup of Luke Slater, Steve Bicknell, David Sumner. They launch their new self-titled LSD imprint with a six track double pack of pure techno. Having released their first EP on Ostgut Ton back in 2017 followed by a series of live performances at festivals and venues across Europe including Berghain, Dekmantel Festival, Awakenings, Reaktor and Astropolis they return with their second drop of studio material.

Focussing on psychedelic aspects of techno while drawing on the unique rhythmic sensibilities of each of the three members, between them this group have all had a major impact on the global techno scene over the last two decades. Their new collaborative double pack carries on where the debut left off with six tracks of melodic and mind melting techno with surreal atmospheres and propulsive drum programming that takes you into the next dimension.
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 in stock $18.13
Process (12")
Cat: OTON 109. Rel: 16 Nov 17
  1. Process 1 (5:12)
  2. Process 2 (6:54)
  3. Process 3 (10:34)
Review: This debut single from previously unseen outfit LSD is remarkable for a number of reasons, not least the fact that the trio is made up of legendary UK techno producers Luke Slater, Steve Bicknell and Dave Summer AKA Function. Given their collective history of making thumping, mind-altering techno, you'd expect Progress to be both heavy and trippy. That's certainly what you get from opener "Process 1", where psychedelic electronics and cascading, otherworldly noises rise above an armour-plated techno groove. They push the envelope even further on "Process 2", a track blessed with restless cymbal lines and weird, off-key electronics. In comparison, the similarly intense "Process 3" seems deep and woozy, though the incessant, 1990 style bleeps and "LFO" style synths guarantees a suitably hallucinogenic feel throughout.
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 in stock $9.18
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