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London Modular Alliance

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London Modular Alliance

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Glass Cannon EP
Cat: CNSRM 004. Rel: 01 Sep 20
  1. Glass Cannon (4:45)
  2. Glass Cannon (Alex Jann Corrupt Data mix) (5:49)
  3. Mom's Knife (4:12)
  4. Super Hang On (4:18)
  5. Low Swung (4:11)
Review: 2020 has been a successful year so far for improvised electro specialists London Modular Alliance, who followed a killer EP on Brokntoys with similarly inspired outings on Infiltrate and Electrix. Predictably, there's much to admire on this surprise single on Censor. Check first the foreboding, hard-wired electro throb of "Glass Cannon" - an undeniably alien-sounding affair that comes accompanied by a chunkier, club-ready Alex Jann rework - before admiring the swinging, sub-heavy deepness of "Mom's Knife". Elsewhere, "Super Hang On" is a growling, up-tempo affair full of high-octane rhythms and aggressive stabs, while "Low Slung" is spacey and bass-heavy, with just the right amount of loose-limbed, UKG-inspired swing.
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Hands & Brains EP
Cat: DIREC 004. Rel: 05 Sep 17
  1. Hands & Brains (5:23)
  2. False Prophecy (5:32)
  3. Forbidden (4:25)
  4. I Settled For Her Leftovers (5:25)
Review: Electro pushers Koova, Yes Effect and Pip Williams are back with their London Modular Alliance project, a consortium of sounds that clearly don't need much of an explanation. Their one rule is that this is all improv business, no mucking about with needless arrangements on tacky DAWs. This is the first Dimensions Recordings EP that's not a VA, so it's a tiny landmark for both them and the artists; the title tune "Hands & Brains" kicks off with a squelching acid stomper with an abrasive stomp of melodies, and "False Prophecy" is the point at which things take a turn for the electro nuttiness, all sombre and grey-scaled. On the flip, "Forbidden" takes the path down more tranquil waters with a peaceful balearic sway, and "I Settled For Her Leftovers" bumps out the bass good and proper, bruising us with its heavy-loaded sub-bass. Heavy gear!
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Items 1 to 2 of 2 on page 1 of 1


London Modular Alliance
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