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Leroy Burgess

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One Plus One
Cat: ZEDD 12304. Rel: 15 Jan 21
  1. One Plus One (Dave Lee extended club mix) (8:25)
  2. One Plus One (Dave Lee Boogie Boy dub) (6:24)
  3. One Plus One (Dave Lee reprise) (5:35)
Review: Now going by his given name of Dave Lee rather than his obviously problematic previous alias Joey Negro, the Z Records boss has not showed any dip in form since the switch. Here he serves up three of his legendary mixes, this time tackling an unearthed and unreleased Leroy Burgess tape that was recorded in the same sessions as 'Heartbreaker'. 'One Plus One' is the sound of an artist in his prime, with lush backing singers adding buttery warmth to the lead vocals, big instrumentals filing your soul with joy and noodling bass driving things along. All three mixes are superb and subtle in equal measure.
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I Know You Will
Cat: SALSA 12016. Rel: 20 Nov 03
  1. I Know You Will (original Larry Levan 12" mix)
  2. (You've Got) That Something (original 12" mix)
Played by: Salsoul Selection
 in stock $8.10
Work It Out
Cat: FVR 161. Rel: 22 Oct 19
  1. Work It Out (7:21)
  2. Work It Out (dub) (6:12)
  3. Til I Found You (6:10)
  4. Til I Found You (dub) (5:40)
Review: For the last 18 months disco and boogie legend Leroy Burgess - owner of the most distinctive voice in the game - has been touring Europe with a band of Lyon-based musicians known as Saving Coco. It makes sense, then, that he would eventually go into the studio with them to record some new material. The results are impressive. The jaunty, Clavinet-heavy brilliance of "Work It Out" is reminiscent of some of Burgess' best boogie-era work with The Fantastic Aleems and fittingly comes accompanied by a Dub mix rich in piano and synth solos. "Til I Found You" is a slap bass-propelled exercise in good grooves and even better vocals. It, too, is backed by a stripped back but musically expansive Dub mix.
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Barely Breaking Even
Barely Breaking Even (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: BBE 500ELP. Rel: 24 Sep 19
Funky/Club House
  1. Barely Breaking Even (Louie Vega Boogie mix) (7:59)
  2. Barely Breaking Even (Louie Vega NYC House remix - instrumental) (9:08)
  3. Barely Breaking Even (Louie Vega NYC House remix) (9:07)
  4. Barely Breaking Even (Louie Vega Boogie mix - instrumental) (7:55)
Review: We're prepared to argue with anyone on this, but Universal Robot Band's "Barely Breaking Even" is one of the best boogie-era disco records ever made. Its title was also the inspiration for the name of BBE Records, so it seems fitting that the label's 500th release is an all-star re-recording that brings together NYC house hero Louie Vega and original creators Leroy Burgess and Patrick Adams. Vega delivers vocal and instrumental versions of two distinctive passes: a slick, smooth, soulful and string-laden "Boogie Mix" rich in warm electronics and subtle nods towards the early '80s original, and a rolling "NYC House Remix" full of twinkling Fender Rhodes solos and atmospheric chords. As you'd expect, Burgess' re-recorded vocal is superb.
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Operation Disco
Cat: ZEDD 12315. Rel: 08 Jun 21
  1. Colors - "Am I Gonna Be The One" (Dr Packer remix) (7:46)
  2. The Sunburst Band & Leroy Burgess - "Survivin'" (Dr Packer remix) (7:43)
  3. JN - "Love Fantasy" (Dr Packer remix) (8:48)
  4. Mistura - "Runnin'" (Dr Packer remix) (6:37)
Review: Operation Disco is a forthcoming album from Dr Packer and this four-track sampler shows up the sort of 80s boogie disco delights we can all look forward to. The artist is in a fine run of form right now and that continues through the slow slung bass and dazzling chords of his remix of soul-drenched opener Colors - 'Am I Gonna Be The One.' His take on The Sunburst Band & Leroy Burgess is more soulful and musical with a loose rhythm section getting you in the groove. The flip side features some blistering house music on 'Love Fantasy' and acrobatic vocals on chunky funker 'Runnin' by Mistura.
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 in stock $12.73
Throwback: Harlem 79-83
Cat: CDSBPJ 34. Rel: 23 Jun 07
  1. Midnight In The Streets
  2. Scandal
  3. Keepin' On
  4. Hold Up
  5. It's So Easy (You Can Do It)
  6. In The Moment
  7. Fly Girl
  8. Moment Of My Life
  9. All Into U
  10. Under Da Radar
  11. You Are My Number One
  12. Hello It's Me
 in stock $14.48
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Leroy Burgess
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