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KURILO Vinyl & CDs

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TP 006
TP 006 (12")
Cat: TP 006.
Kurilo - "Get Back"
Kurilo - "Fractured"
Komponente - "Dance With Us"
Komponente - "Crash Bandicoot"
coming soon TBA
Defenders EP
Cat: TP 005. Rel: 08 Aug 23
Minimal/Tech House
Victory (5:34)
Kharkiv Mnemonic (5:24)
Defenders (5:35)
Broken Dreams (5:22)
Review: Komponente and Kurilo co-run the hilariously named label Trance Pandemic. Their latest EP here, 'Defenders', is a continuation of their previous release 'For A Brave', both of which were made either prior to or in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, an event which has thoroughly shaped the pair's creative evolution. Though trance/breaks/acid might not be a convergence of genres normally associated with social upheaval, that could all change here: the likes of 'Broken Dreams' and 'Kharkiv Mnemonic' are adroit movers, acid-squelch-laden rhythmatizers and miltant psychic marchers, perfect for mobilizing spirits and hearts on mass.
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 in stock $16.77
Trance Pandemic EP
Cat: ERROR 104. Rel: 28 Jul 23
Progressive House
Good Situation (feat Saxr) (6:41)
Trance Pandemic (6:07)
Gliese667 (6:21)
Touchdown (5:50)
Review: Komponente and Kurilo have called it - it's a Trance Pandemic. The two first appeared together on a split release for Uzvar in 2019, and since then they've been working closely together exploring the depth and breadth of the trance house scene. Don't call them newcomers though - Komponente especially has been honing his proggy sound for nigh on 20 years, and it shows. There's sophistication spilling out of the production on this record, where there trancey touchstones are balanced out by deep subs and subtler production touches, making this an essential record for anyone who loves the sound but wants a record that stands out.
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 in stock $17.56
James Webb EP
Cat: TP 004. Rel: 03 Aug 22
Minimal/Tech House
Millennium 2000 (6:07)
James Webb (6:07)
Sonic EXE (6:06)
Avec (5:58)
Review: Trance Pandemic is a brilliantly titled label that seems rather tongue in cheek. There is nothing questionable about the music this Ukrainian label is putting out though. Now up to to a fourth release, this one is another teary eyed and classy outing with Komponente and Kurilo at the controls. Opener 'Millennium 2000' has that retro-future feel with silky drums and rubbery bass overlaid with nice new age melodies. 'James Webb' is a squelchy bit of cosmic funk with lovely machine textures and 'Sonic.exe' then recalls classic 90s video games. Last of all is 'Avec' which brings some nice acid bounce.
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Played by: Lostlojic
 in stock $15.69
Cat: COWBEATS 004. Rel: 05 Mar 24
Minimal/Tech House
Kurilo - "Son Of The Sun" (6:07)
Riku Sugimoto - "Coffee On Me" (6:32)
Solidwood - "Working With SuspectS" (5:34)
Rizzi & Lapucci - "Mind From Another Kind" (5:48)
NND - "FunkyDrome" (5:48)
Review: Cowbeats is back with more fresh future moosic to make you moove. This fourth edition of their self-titled various artists series is another one packed with gems. Kurilo's 'Son Of The Sun' manages to make stuff beats feel funky, while Riku Sugimoto has plenty of snap in his kick and hit combinations throughout 'Coffee On Me.' There is a more cosmic sense of cruising when Solidwood dials you in on his sublime 'Working With Suspect' and Rizzi & Lapucci go for cold, snappy tech house as they offer up 'Mind From Another Kind. Lastly, NND cuts loose on the melodic wild and freewheeling 'FunkyDrome.'
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Played by: DJ Mau Mau
 in stock $16.77
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