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Keiji Yamagishi

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Ninja Gaiden Vol 1 (Soundtrack) (reissue)
Cat: GS 003. Rel: 07 Jan 22
  1. The Moonlight Duel
  2. Determination: Father's Message
  3. The Dragon Ninja
  4. Mysterious Woman
  5. Bravery: On The Clutches
  6. Reminiscence
  7. A Sudden Development
  8. Like A Howling Gale
  9. In Hiding: Pursuing The Nightmare
  10. Eyecatch
  11. The CIA
  12. The Sanctuary Of Shadows
  13. The Amazing Ryu
  14. Crisis
  15. Surprise Attack: The Wicked God's Secret Maneuvers
  16. Malth The Crimson Terror
  17. The Truth Concealed
  18. Melancholy Destiny
  19. Requiem
  20. The Truth Concealed (reprise)
  21. The Menace Of Jaquio
  22. Showdown: At The Portal Of Death (Battlefield)
  23. The Demon's Incantation
  24. In A Pinch: The Ordeal Of Battle
  25. At The End Of The Battle
  26. Irene: Overture Of Dawn (Prelude)
  27. Credits
  28. Game Over
  29. Cinema Display Sound Attack 1
  30. Cinema Display Sound Attack 2
  31. Sound Effects
  32. Insert Coin
  33. Game Start
  34. LA Stage
  35. LA Stage/Grand Canyon Stage Boss
  36. Round Clear 1
  37. NY Stage
  38. NY Stage/Transcontinental Railroad Stage Boss
  39. Round Clear 2
  40. Las Vegas Stage
  41. Las Vegas Stage Boss
  42. Round Clear 3
  43. Grand Canyon Stage (Japan)
  44. Grand Canyon Stage (USA)
  45. Round Clear 4
  46. Transcontinental Railroad Stage
  47. Round Clear 5
  48. Final Stage
  49. Final Stage Boss
  50. Time's Up
  51. Game Over
  52. Credits
  53. High Score Screen
  54. Round Clear 1 (USA)
  55. Round Clear 2 (USA)
  56. Round Clear 3 (USA)
  57. Round Clear 4 (USA)
  58. Round Clear 5 (USA)
  59. Game Over (USA)
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est. release 07 Jan 22 $39.96
Items 1 to 1 of 1 on page 1 of 1


Keiji Yamagishi
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