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Jonas Munk

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Minimum Resistance
Cat: VISTA 009CD. Rel: 21 Feb 20
  1. Resonance
  2. Shadows
  3. Water From The Rain
  4. Eastern Horizon
  5. Sabi
  6. Disappear
  7. Yesterday's Sky
  8. Home
  9. Sink Into Stone
  10. Minimum Resistance
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Always Already Here
Always Already Here (limited LP + MP3 download code with obi-strip)
Cat: EPR 054LP. Rel: 16 Aug 19
Psych/Garage Rock
  1. Shift (9:32)
  2. Patterns (6:48)
  3. Here (3:20)
  4. Magnetic (10:24)
  5. Tide (11:54)
 in stock $22.63
Eight Fragments Of An Illusion
Cat: VISTA 011CD. Rel: 23 Apr 21
  1. Asteroid 2467
  2. Return To Burlington
  3. Solitary Falling
  4. Perpetual Motion
  5. Narkomfin
  6. Faint Lights In The Distance
  7. Along Deserted Streets
  8. Polychrome
Review: Over the last 11 years, Ulrich Schnauss and Jonas Munk have periodically got together in the studio to record ear-catching and atmospheric electronic music that frequently prioritises mood and melody over specific sonic traits or stylistic approaches. Eight Fragments of an Illusion, their third album-length collaboration, takes their 'maximal ambient' sound to sun-soaked new places, with Schauss's minimalist melodic movements (think Terry Riley's synthesizer works) and sparkling electronic sounds being overlaid with gorgeous, effects-laden electric guitar textures courtesy of Munk. It's a gorgeous, life-affirming combination that guarantees blissful brilliance throughout. To our ears, there's no doubt that it's the duo's best joint work to date.
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 in stock $13.23
Passage (CD)
Cat: VISTA 001CD. Rel: 20 Jan 17
  1. Amaris
  2. Genau Wie Damals
  3. Anywhere But Here
  4. Intervention: Sol
  5. MST
  6. Ao Hinode
  7. Spellbreaker
  8. Intervention: Stjerner
  9. Caffeine Blues
  10. Intervention: Mane
  11. Coastal Path
Review: Ulrich Schnauss and Jonas Munk first got together in the studio at the tail end of the noughties, subsequently releasing the well-received album, Epic. This belated follow-up continues in a similar vein, fusing Schnauss's ethereal electronics and ambient soundscapes with Munk's evocative, shoegaze style guitar passages. It's a combination that works well. Munk's guitars add a loose, raw feel to Schnauss's impeccable but occasionally overbearing compositions, while the latter does a bang up job melding the two things into a perfectly pitched whole. If My Bloody Valentine collaborated with James Holden or Trentemoller, it would probably sound something like this.
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Jonas Munk
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